Via Scott Rosenberg (somehow I

Via Scott Rosenberg (somehow I missed this at Delong’s site), an excellent discussion from Semi-Daily Journal on copyright extension. The ending is a killer:

“It will mean, “We’re not going to tell you where the line is exactly–that would be dicta, and we hate dicta, except when we don’t–but we are telling you that if you move to extend copyright again, you first need to ask yourselves the Clint Eastwood question: ‘Do you feel lucky?'””

Copyright powers weren’t meant to enforce rights forever–only long enough to promote creativity. Disney’s shareholders don’t have much to do with creativity.

Jeb was always the smart

Jeb was always the smart one according to most of the family biographies done of the Bushs. He was expected to be the one to follow in his father’s footsteps, but while clearly successful in becoming the Governor of Florida, he hasn’t done as well as the dumb brother. Why not? I think this
is instructive:
“Of Ms. Reno’s troubles at her precinct Tuesday morning, Mr. Bush said: “What is it with Democrats having a hard time voting? I don’t know.””

Pissing on the opposition tends to raise turnout of the opposition. And the last thing one wants to do is be encourage turnout of the other side’s base.

Speaking of Noah. Friedman has

Speaking of Noah. Friedman has a good column. Even better, POTUS expresses what the nation is feeling and where it should continue responding.

However, despite the echo chamber’s whining, the NYT editorial page is amazing. The third Op-Ed makes a great point. Dowd delivers a message the President needs to hear:

“If the old Desert Storm warriors want a new desert storm, they should stop condescending to their fellow countrymen, who understand both that Iraq is a threat and that Iraq had nothing to do with the destruction of the World Trade Center.”

The fight may be right, but be honest and clear. Zell Miller, one of the President’s most ardent supporters, made this case the other day. Iraq won’t pull an operation like last years. Having a base to attack changes their strategy. Admitting this doesn’t take away from real reasons to go after him. Unfortunately, the administration is incapable of making this argument to date. Instead, Dick Cheney has decided to freelance and claim all of the problems of the world eminate from Iraq. That argument takes a lot of balls from a man whose company helped rebuild the Iraqi oil fields.

Not election wacko. I love

Not election wacko. I love that Aldrin just took off like a crusty old test pilot would. And he is 72.

In most circles, getting your butt kicked by a 72 year old when you are 37 would be cause for embarrasment. Then again, most people aren’t fruitcakes. I wonder if Aldrin ever tried to hit Irwin when he started talking about Noah’s Ark?

Not that anyone asked, but

Not that anyone asked, but I think Smith will win in New Hampshire. I haven’t seen any exit polling, but they are dead even in polling and he excites the wacky base that polling usually misses.

Addendum. Oops. Apparently the NH GOP has returned to the mainstream. I’ll miss Bob.

I guess I don’t get

I guess I don’t get the Joe Conason controversy over Andrew Sullivan writing for Salon. He can write great articles on occasion when he sticks to logic and avoids name-calling. When he starts random name-calling he is kinda funny like a parody. Of course, I always assumed they had Horowitz write because he is funny. Kinda like the whole Friday the 13th film series.