Krugman (registration required) makes important

Krugman (registration required) makes important points about the President’s, well, I guess we can call it a, plan for forests. I hesitate to call it a plan since it resembles his previous “plans” regarding the environment. Use it and subsidize those who use it the fastest…

Also, the Times runs a good article on the debates concerning the most effective way to manage fire risks here.

Another good column ran today in the Washington Post that points out the real problem.

Steve Chapman also did a good job on the issue here (registration required). Those who argue for government subsidies for those making dumb choices somehow seem to think that those who expect them to pay for their own choices are restricting freedom of choice. I could care less if people want to build in an area of high risk for fire or in a flood plain as long they pay for the natural consequences of their choices.

Neal’s Column today is a

Neal’s Column today is a wonderful exercise in what if Da Speaker wasn’t really Da Speaker? So he works for his entire political career to have united Democratic control of Illinois government and he just steps down and admires his masterpiece? Sure. I have some MODOT bridges in Missouri to sell you Mr. Neal. They are in great shape! I guess one can say ‘wouldn’t it be nice if…,’ but it has no effect on reality.

Rich Miller makes an important

Rich Miller makes an important point here that not all political scandals are equal. The end of this his column is a bit hard to figure though. We should be circumspect in calling for an investigation, but reporters should be reporting all of the petty garbage. Voters should know about it and use it to make decisions.