Daily Dolt: Mark Kirk

Was he always this dumb?

KIRK: We have a fundamental choice. We need to get off oil, but for the time being we are still dependent on it. We can either buy 80 billion barrels of oil from the Iranians or from ourselves. And we should buy it from ourselves.

It’s hard to know where to start.  Iran produces about 4 million barrels a day.  It net exports about 2.5 million barrels a day. At that rate, it takes a while to get to 80 billion and Iran has reserves of 136 billion barrels so they wouldn’t be selling much of anything else.

Now, on top of that off shore drilling is expected to produce about 200,000 barrels a day more in many years.  ANWR’s median projection is 1 million barrels a day so even with opening the spigots on those two sources, we don’t even match Iran’s 2.5 million barrels a day.

Of course, oil is sold on a world market and currently we aren’t buying Iranian oil–at least directly so what the hell Kirk is talking about is unknown.

Minor criticism of Adam over at Progress Illinois–it’s not about Kirk owning up to it–he’s lying.  Or really, really stupid.  Take your pick.

Kirk in Context

Ellen addresses Mark Kirk’s BS regarding pay equity. I’ve added in some Kirk commentary:

Kirk over simplifies and generally misleads constituents about the Paycheck Fairness Act by omission.

Corporate wage secrecy is one of the enablers of wage discrimination. You might remember that Lilly Ledbetter lost her ability to sue for wage discrimination compensation because she was unable to timely discover that she was the victim of wage discrimination. The PFA works to avoid that unjust outcome in making it illegal for an employer to rataliate against workers inquiring about their employers’ wage practices or disclosing their own wages to other workers. Under the PFA, defending employers are required to show that wage gaps truly are the result of factors other than sex discrimination, and U.S. Department of Labor is finally required to do its job as related to equal pay issues such as collecting wage-related data, a practice it used to have and stopped.

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Kirk would have constituents believe that the PFA is a wage discrimination rather than wage equity bill claiming that it requires women to give up control of their legal actions against employers. That is nonsense. With all the timing issues described in the Ledbetter case, and with all the limits and caps keeping pay equity awards low under current law, women have had few viable wage discrimination cases to begin with. Under PFA women are able to understand where they fit into the pay scale and can be awarded full compensatory and punative damages as are awarded in wage discrimination cases based on race or ethnicity.

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The class opt-out provisions of PFA that Kirk disfavors actually helps women maintain gender based pay discrimination class action lawsuits. Opt-out provisions are considered valid due process and the general class action federal rules were changed in 1966 to adopt the opt-out method with most states adopting the federal rule. The idea of a class action suit is to remove the requirement of joining every single possible plaintiff individually. The older opt-in process was rejected by the federal rules and many courts in the 1960s because they created joinder issues that the class action suit was designed to avoid and prevented classes from becoming large enough to obtain class certification without which cases would be dismissed. The public policy of the opt-out rule was most articulately described in a well known California case, Carlson v. Superior Court, 33 Cal.App.3d (July 25, 1973), where the court described its reasons for disfavoring opt-in requirements with complex notice procedures:

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We fear that the notice procedure employed by Edison is susceptible of great abuse. In essence, plaintiffs’ attorneys will be forced to expend extraordinary time and effort to round up persons of a disorganized class with whom they probably have had no prior contact; such occurred in the instant case. Prospective deponents who do not heed informal efforts on the part of counsel and do not appear will face potential exclusion. Thus, a defendant can effectively stifle a class action at the discovery stage, either by imposing impossibly expensive burdens on the named plaintiffs or by chipping away at the size of the class through exclusion of the unnamed plaintiffs. It is especially vital to prevent such ‘chilling’ of class actions in light of their new importance as a litigation tool, presaged by recent federal cases and our own decisions in Daar v. Yellow Cab, supra, 67 Cal.2d 695 [63 Cal.Rptr. 724, 433 P.2d 732] and Vasquez v. Superior Court, supra, 4 Cal.3d 800 [94 Cal.Rptr. 796, 484 P.2d 964].” (Italics added.)

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The effect of an opt-in requirement can be seen in a recent California case, Hypertouch Inc. v. Superior Court of San Mateo County, 128 Cal. App. 4th 1527 (May 5, 2005), wherein the court noted and upheld an opt-out requirement because under an opt-in procedure that was being used under a particular statute that did not follow the general rule, out of more than 100,000 estimated class members in that case, only 55 actually “opted-in.”

A New York court recently made a similar observation in Guzman v. VLM, Inc. d/b/a Reliable Bakery, Case No. 07-CV-1126, pending in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York. The court in Guzman concluded that opt-out was appropriate because “workers might be reluctant to affirmatively opt-in to the case for fear or reprisal and retaliation.”

In the name of helping women, Kirk is actually seeking to prevent women from building viable class size to maintain class action suits. This is a common corporate defense strategy against class action suits.

You can read more about the PFA at the National Women’s Law Center and see why this bill is vital for American working women.

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He Isn’t Even Old Enough to Remember the Cold War

Schock inserts his foot in his mouth again:

“The last time we had this level of socialism being proposed and inexperience at the helm was JIMMY CARTER,” said Schock (who was born four months after Democrat Carter left office in 1981).

I later asked Schock what he meant by the “level of socialism” Obama represents.

“Well, he’s promoting what I would term a government takeover of the health system,” Schock said. “He has said he wants to mandate free college tuition for every student in America.

“Unlike TED KENNEDY (he meant JACK KENNEDY, of course) who said, don’t ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country … he (Obama) says, we’re the wealthiest country in the world; you should get this, you should get that. You’re entitled to this, you’re entitled to that. To me, that’s a move toward socialism.”

Schock was not specific, at that point, on Obama’s programs.

“I’m familiar with what his work was here at the state Capitol, and to me, the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior,” Schock said. “And he has supported what I would consider to be socialistic moves on health care as a state senator.”

“I don’t remember the exact bills,” he said.

JUSTIN DeJONG, the new Illinois spokesman for the Obama campaign, called Schock’s statement on health care misleading and said Schock’s description goes farther than what Obama advocates regarding college costs.

An Obama fact-check Web site says that “Obama has consistently said that if we were starting from scratch, he would support a single-payer system, but now we need to build on the system we have.”

On higher education, Obama wants to create a “universal and fully refundable (tax) credit (that) will ensure that the first $4,000 of a college education is completely free for most Americans and will cover two-thirds the cost of tuition at the average public college or university and make community college tuition completely free for most students.”

Does Aaron Schock really want to try and play the inexperience card? Seriously…

From the Halvorson Campaign

The question not being asked is who does Ozinga think should control an airport in Will County? Elk Grove Village and Governor Rod Blagojevich or Will County elected officials? Does Ozinga think the Weller bill that required federal procurement rules and Will County control was a bad idea? Or does he think that Elk Grove Village should control the relationship with the private companies developing an airport in Will County?

If he doesn’t like the Will County plan, does Ozinga want to defer to ALNAC?

Independent Fighter Debbie Halvorson Puts Local Interests Before Chicago Style Politics

Joliet, IL –On Wednesday, Congressional Candidate and State Senator Debbie Halvorson issued the following statement:

“I am an independent fighter for the people I represent and I won’t let Chicago politicians tell us what to do in the 11th Congressional District.

“I sponsored the Will County Airport Authority bill on behalf of Will County Labor, Business and Government. This bill has bipartisan support from the legislators in Will County because this third airport bill is about local control and not handing over an airport in Will County over to bigwigs from Chicago. Our plan gives one appointment to the Governor, and ALNAC’s plan ultimately gives five.

“This issue is too important for petty politics, and shame on anyone for suggesting ties to convicted felon Rezko–someone whom I have never even met.”

More on Jackson and Blagojevich

Apparently the June 2006 meeting shouldn’t have been surprising to Jackson since:

Finally, Jackson said he spoke with Gov,. Blagojevich today, during which time the Governor proposed creating a gubernatorial-appointed commission to oversee development of the airport. Jackson said he rejected the concept, noting that the two private development firms who are willing to finance the project are under an exclusive contract with ALNAC.

“The State brings $75 million worth of land. ALNAC and its developers bring $200 million to finance construction of the airport. The airport commission should reflect the interests of both the State and ALNAC,” Jackson said. “ALNAC has agreed to give the governor four appointments on its nine-member board. That seems fair and equitable.”

This was before the 5th slot was given to the Governor a few months later according to the ALNAC proposal.

You might think listening to Jackson and reading Bryant that it was out of nowhere that a commission with Gubernatorial appointments were brought up.  Actually, Jackson had proposed it and had been negotiating with the Governor for months before a Rezko meeting took place…

Why Is Jackson Getting Away With This?

Seriously, how the hell is Jackson getting away with this nonsense?
Download Title

Let’s revisit Jackson’s plan in February 2006:

Under the new Intergovernmental Agreement, ALNAC’s Board of Directors will consist of nine members – at least five being Will County residents. During the construction phase, Cook County home-rule communities will hold four seats. After opening day, Cook loses one seat to a home-rule municipality from Kankakee County.

“In short, our plan gives Will County majority control before, during and after opening day,” Jackson said.

Specifically, ALNAC’s new governance structure is as follows:

* During the construction phase, the Board will be comprised of one appointee each from University Park, Park Forest, South Holland, Calumet Park and Elk Grove Village, plus four appointees by the Governor from Will County home-rule communities.

*After Opening Day, Elk Grove Village departs and is replaced by a Governor’s appointment from the Kankakee County home-rule communities.

Let’s add this from December 27, 2007 (Trib-Mclatchey article):

The repeal vote was a political victory for Jackson, who has quarreled with Weller for years over the details of the airport. And it came three months after Weller announced his retirement amid questions about his Nicaraguan land dealings and his relationship to an indicted defense contractor.

The amendment Weller guided through the GOP-controlled Congress in 2005 had required a majority of the members of the airport’s governing body be from Will County. It also would have made the airport comply with federal procurement guidelines instead of the state rules Jackson’s public-private partnership has followed.

Weller’s office could not be reached for comment late Wednesday.

The horrors of federal procurement rules….

Of course, those wouldn’t work for ALNAC because as a compact, they are largely able to hand pick the developers instead of engaging in competitive bidding.  At best, the issues of pay to play are pot-kettle issues here with the ALNAC plan having plenty of room for the kind of mischief Jackson says he’s fighting.

More to the point, ALNAC’s plan gives two non-Will County communities the ability to sue to force expansion regardless of what Will County citizens want. Make no mistake about it, ALNAC is a scheme to keep control of a third airport in the hands of people who don’t live around it.  Trying to claim it’s all about pay-to-play ignores that ALNAC has the same potential problems, but with Cook County communities for a development project in Will County

Let’s revisit what Halvorson’s bill did:

(1) Four directors shall be appointed by the Will
County Executive, with the advice and consent of the Will
County Board; one of these 4 directors shall be a resident
of the 6 township eastern Will County area consisting of
the townships of Crete, Green Garden, Monee, Peotone,
Washington and Will;

(2) one director shall be appointed collectively by the
municipalities of Beecher, Crete, Monee, Peotone and
University Park; the selection procedure for this director
shall be as follows: the village president of each
municipality, with the advice and consent of the
municipality’s board of trustees, shall submit one
candidate for consideration within 30 days after the
effective date of this Act, and thereafter within 30 days
of any vacancy or expiration of the term of the board
member selected pursuant to this subsection; the
municipalities may, by intergovernmental agreement,
establish an open interview or other public hearing process
to review the candidates; the Board of each such
municipality shall vote, within 30 days of receipt of
candidate nominations, for one candidate; candidates
receiving the highest vote total shall be appointed to the
Board; in the event of a tie vote among the candidates
receiving the two highest vote totals, within 15 days of
receiving notice of the tie vote, the village presidents of
each municipality shall cast a vote for a single candidate
to break the tie; the failure of a municipality’s village
president or board to act within any of the time frames set
forth in this subsection shall forfeit that municipality’s
right to participate further in the selection and
appointment process for the Authority’s board position
then under consideration;
(3) one director shall be appointed by the Governor
upon the recommendation of the Cook County Township
Supervisors whose townships border Will County; the
director must reside in one of the Cook County Townships
that border Will County;

(4) one director shall be appointed by the Chairman of
the Kankakee County Board, with the advice and consent of
the Kankakee County Board.

(b) One of the directors appointed by the Will County
Executive, with the advice and consent of the Will County
Board, shall be designated and serve as the Board Chair.
(c) Each appointment shall be certified by the appointing
officer to the Secretary of State of Illinois and the Secretary
of the Authority.
(d) The appointing officers shall make their initial
appointments within 60 days after the effective date of this
Act. The failure of any appointment to be so made shall not
affect the establishment of the Authority or the exercise of
its powers.

Frank Burns of the Illinois Blogosphere has Vapors Again

He always has vapors, but for a clown who claims to be a lawyer, he’s really quite funny in how clueless he is about the law.

Carl, that misses the point just a bit, don’t you think? Buying ads to influence voters seeks to do it by reason, or emotion, or both-but there’s no material benefit to the recipient of the message. It’s not a quid pro quo like giving them something of value (like discounted gas) in an attempt to curry favor with the voter.

This interpretation would apply to beer, food and anything of value according to this interpretation. I’ll be heading out of country to avoid the inevitable prosecution from Patrick Fitzgerald regarding the vast amounts of beer I have dranken over the years paid for by campaigns.

Iraq Is Getting Better! Kirk Declares

Almost like 2006–smell the progress!

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/OtBln_DS-iY" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

So, how long? It appears to be as long as it takes to ‘win.’

The situation in Iraq, as you know, has substantially improved in the last year.  And it gives us an opportunity to wind this up in an orderly fashion.  But also to wind it up in a way, carefully, so that we never have to go back.  The difference between what Obama wants, what Dan Seals wants and what I want is that I don’t want, I don’t think that a defeat of the United States in the Middle East leads to more peace.

Dan Seals Wants to Back the Obama Agenda

Seriously, this is a bad thing to Mark Kirk…

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/ek4onLG4z8A" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

So the majority of his District that will vote for Obama in the fall is out of sync with Mark Kirk. Interesting admission.

In the last two months I think we’ve seen Barack Obama has unified the Kerry-Dukakis Coalition.

I think we hit Republican bottom in 2006 and I don’t know about you, but I feel stronger now.  I feel that the country was pretty shocked by what they saw about Senator Obama lately.  Our job is to move the focus beyond just him to other things the Democratic Party stands for.

I hope you begin to decide to work on Election Day. This will be a huge one. Dan Seals will have millions of dollars from Washington coming in, wants to join up with Nancy Pelosi, wants to back the Obama agenda.

Does Anyone Doubt That George Bush Has Been a Decisive President

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/fTjhmQBn_9g" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

According to Mark Kirk, George Bush’s problem is that he makes a lot of 51-49 percent decisions and “cheeses” off a lot of people.

Never mind that the man has the longest record of low approval in the modern Presidency, has created huge deficits, and start a war with faulty intelligence and no planning, it’s those tough choices he makes that have led to that.

Apparently the mask of moderation disappears when Kirk is talking to Republicans alone.

Does anyone doubt that George Bush has been a decisive president?  He’s absolutely been a decisive president.  But the reality of Washington is that all of the easy decisions are not made in the Oval Office.  The Oval Office is for the 51-49 issues.  That’s the whole purpose of that office.  And so, you make too many of those 51-49 decisions, you’ve got 49 percent of the country that’s cheesed off at you.  And that’s the reality of being in the White House.

Rich’s Source on Boehner Comments over at CapFax


I was Rich’s source at the Boehner event. Boehner stated there was no way to win the district with Oberweis, and that he wanted him out: “unlikable, a terrible candidate.” This was said in the presence of at least 30 Illinois fundraisers. He even stated to a questioner at the event that “we can quote him”, and that he would help get Oberweis out of the race. I believe there is no way Oberweis can win, and if he does not get out, the GOP will lose the seat for a decade. Anyone who gives him 2 cents is just wasting cash. Mr. Oberweis, you can stop calling us. We are not going to provide any further assistance.