Kirk’s Other Weird Moment – Defending Calling Obama Drug Dealer in Chief

While I don’t want to take away from Mark Kirk’s racist meltdown last night, he also went off on a weird tangent.  Some time ago he referred to President Obama as the Drug Dealer in Chief.

Duckworth brought this up last night:

Duckworth: I also wonder about a Senator who called the President of the Drug Dealer in Chief or a back in 2007 said that one of the best things that we can do to combat illegal immigration from Mexico is be to send contraceptives free to Mexico.   These are not solutions that help.  Frankly even his recent votes and he voted against the equal pay act for women and called it the most sexist legislation ever.  He voted against allowing students to refinance student loan debt.  He even traveled to China and the Chinese not to invest in America because we were not a good bet.

These are not all the the hallmarks of a Senator was looking out for the people of Illinois and the people of Illinois deserve someone who’s going to fight for them every single day because let me tell you something.   When i was in Granite City and I met with steel workers who were laid off two days after Christmas they didn’t want to hear that their senator had gone to China and told the Chinese not to invest in America.  What they wanted was a senator who’s going to fight for them every single day and I will be that person because I’ve lived their lives. I’ve been on food stamps, I relied on student loans, I was a student paying off student loan debt I know what it’s like and I think that it’s time we have a Senator who does his job.

Kirk:I would say that when we talked about drug dealers are that I strongly opposed the 400 million dollar ransom payment that the president made in cash to the Iranians even after he certified that they are the State Sponsor of Terror.   Those a drug dealer words are not mine there they were words of the European Union.  Remember the European Union canceled the printing of the 500 Euro note because they said it… Remember  most of the payment for the  four hundred million dollars was in 500 Euros so if you do the math there eight hundred thousand five hundred Euro notes were in that payment.  They canceled the printing of the 500 euro note because the European Union, and this is a quote directly, they said the note was too involved in drug dealing of terror.

What the hell was that and how is that justification for calling the President the Drug Dealer in Chief?