Jackson May Face 46 – 57 Months in Prison

He’d fight, but he just doesn’t have any more fight in him….

Former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. could face up to 57 months in prison and could make his plea deal with federal prosecutors public as early as today in which he will allegedly admit to illegally spending as much as $750,000 in campaign funds for personal use, according to a source close to the Jackson family.

“This just stunned the Rev. Jackson,” the source said, referring to the family patriarch. “He doesn’t know what to do. This hit the family like a thunderbolt.”

Among the items purchased by campaign funds include a hat, cap and gloves once worn by Michael Jackson, a fur parka, expensive vacations and restaurant tabs.

“If Jesse had any fight in him, he could have fought this,” said another source close to Jackson Jr. said.

“He has tried to everything possible to stand up and be a man and to protect his wife…” the source said.

Because I’m sure there is a very good reason for the campaign to buy a hat, cap, and gloves once worn by Michael Jackson and a fur parka.  And who let’s this kind of self-serving bullshit hide behind anonymity? You need anonymity to say really nice things about someone your close to and help them deny the  whole thing?  Or is it just an absurd public relations move by the Jackson family?

The prosecutor would probably look down on this kind of nonsense since it tries to absolve Jackson of culpability.  There’s no reason to include it if someone close isn’t going on the record.