Joe Walsh Would Make a Great Governor of Illinois

He can’t plan ahead financially to save his life

But an attorney for Walsh’s ex-wife said that the former congressman is behind on child support payments that were dictated under a previous court order and that Walsh’s ex-wife was taken by surprise by a Feb. 1 court filing that asks “to terminate child support obligation,” saying Walsh “is without sufficient income or assets with which to continue to pay his support obligation.”

“This is the first communication we’ve received from the congressman; she had no information prior to receiving this filing in the mail that he was going to seek,” said Jack Coladarci, an attorney for Walsh’s ex-wife. “He did not pay January and he has not paid February support… You still have to keep paying until the judge says you can stop.”

Walsh’s court filing states: “Joe’s employment has been terminated through no voluntary act of his own and he is without sufficient income or assets with which to continue to pay his support obligation. Due to a substantial change in circumstances, Joe requests that his child support obligation be terminated based on his present income and circumstances.”

I mean, who could have predicted Joe Walsh would have been out of a job at the beginning of January, other than everyone who read a paper in the beginning of November.  Oh, and me well before then–remember the Joe Walsh Get a Job Countdown.

But more than that–with this kind of foresight of putting money away for planned issues, he is the best person to continue Illinois’ historic non-commitment to pension fund.  That should be plain for anyone to see.


On a more serious note–my Dad was laid off and on strike a few times while I grew up.  He never missed one damn payment and he never made as much money as this idiot.  Oh, and not communicating with the ex-wife before the order was filed–pure class act there Joe.