The Very Progressive Toi Hutchinson

Rich gives us the latest oppo drop on Robin Kelly from Toi which cites State of Illinois investments in companies that deal with firearms–a comment suggests this investment predated Alexi’s time in office and actually was reduced during her time working for Alexi.  So it appears to be a very odd hit piece especially because it keeps the debate on guns which is not a winner for Hutchinson.

  1. – so… – Monday, Feb 11, 13 @ 10:05 am:One other thing worth noting that isn’t in the Sun Times article – The awful, horrible, no-good investment in Alliant Techsystems was made BEFORE Giannoulias took office and Kelly became his Chief of Staff.

    See the 2006 ISBI Annual Report –

    Page 63 – Alliant Techsystems – 126,700 shares, valued at $9,673,545

    If anything Hutchinson should be THANKING Kelly. Once Alexi and Kelly took office, the investment in Alliant shrank considerably.

    As of June 30, 2007 ISBI’s investment in Alliant had shrunk to 75,176 shares valued at $7,453,700 (

    As of June 30, 2008, the ISBI investment in Alliant was valued at a mere $53,585 (

    As of June 30, 2009 the investment was worth $109,292 (

    As of June 30, 2010 the investment was worth $113,384 (

    So, under Kelly and Giannoulias’ tenure, the ISBI’s investment in Alliant shrunk from $9,673,545 to $113,384 – at 98.8% reduction.

But what I’m curious about is why did Stand for Children Illinois donate $100,000 to her?  For those not familar with Stand for Children Illinois they are the Illinois affiliate of a anti-union school ‘reform’ group made famous with Jonah Edelman’s remarks

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Yeah, them.  The ones who created the super high majority for a teacher strike–which the Chicago Teachers reached.

It came in the General Election in 2010 so she hasn’t faced a primary or even had to ask questions about that donation yet.  It might be the time to ask her what exactly does she agree with in Stand with Children’s agenda that got her $100,000.