Hutchinson Wanted To End FOID Cards

Holy Shit!

From the NRA Questionaire

9. When the instant criminal background check conducted by the Illinois State Police on firearms purchases became law,
the FOID card – which requires the same data check – became obsolete. Illinois also requires an unnecessary waiting
period for handgun, rifle, and shotgun purchases. In addition, recent manpower shortages at the State Police have resulted
in long delays for FOID card renewals. This problem has led to countless lawabiding citizens becoming de facto criminals
for being in possession of firearms without a valid FOID card when it expires due to no fault of their own. Would you
support eliminating the redundant and unnecessarily bureaucratic FOID card and waiting period?

a. Yes, I would support legislation eliminating the FOID card requirement.

The delays are inexcusable, but the FOID is especially helpful in helping police know when to confiscate firearms from those with orders of protection against them as well as just being good policy.