Don’t Piss Off Dog Owners

Even in Missouri we passed regulations on puppy mills.  Toi Hutchinson-against any regulations according to here NRA Questionaire

29. Some animal “rights” organizations oppose the ownership of dogs as pets. They admonish people to never buy dogs from breeders or pet stores. Through so-called “puppy mill” legislation, they seek to regulate legitimate and caring breeders out of business. The proponents disingenuously claim that this legislation is intended to stop animal cruelty. Of course, animal cruelty laws already exist in Illinois and should be used to prosecute anyone who practices cruelty against animals. If dog breeders are driven out of business, hunters who use dogs must pay more for their animals, assuming the are still available, or quit hunting altogether. Would you oppose legislation that targets legitimate dog breeders as “puppy mills?”

a. Yes, I would oppose such legislation.

Via Markos at Daily Kos

Treating dogs humanely gets people up in arms.  Ask Bill Brady.

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