Squeezy the Pension Python

Sweet Jesus this is awful. 


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This is from Quinn’s communication’s shop with Mica Matsoff listed as the registrant.  If there was ever any question as to the need for a primary challenge to Quinn, this should put an end to that. Not only is is just awful to the point of who the hell would do this and not be employed by The Onion- it’s deceptive about the fundamental problem–that the state has not met its obligations to its workers. 


Squeezy the fucking Pension Python?

6 thoughts on “Squeezy the Pension Python

  1. Yep, my tax dollars at work….

    The best part, the get involved page has several references to the phrase ‘stay tuned’

  2. They better have a primary challenge for him, because I will simply not vote for him, no matter what. He lost me with his last pension proposal. Can you picture me running around after 14/15 year old special education students when I am 67? That would not be pretty, not to mention they would not want to pay my salary anymore at that point, I would be making too much money.

  3. It’s obvious: This is part of a campaign to soften us up to accept more and higher taxes. That is the implicit message in the Squeezy video. What else could it be?

  4. Bernie Madoff and Jeff Skilling were put in Jail for not funding Pensions, Politicians have different standards!!

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