Social Media 101

Before deciding to use a #hashtag as a part of your effort–search it first.  For example #thanksinadvance



Don’t take your life over anything I say and don’t take anybody else’s neither. #thanksINadvance

Dear God, help me be a better person, better father, a better friend, a better lover, a better son. Help me be a better me. #ThanksInAdvance

@DBELL_: Lets go #Bulls 61% from the field”so let me know the final score #thanksinadvance ????????

Y’all record the talent show I’m at work.. #thanksinadvance

Plz tell him lose my # it’s been over a yr & 1/2 now and he still blows my phone up .Im tired of blocking all those numbers #thanksinadvance

Someone bring me food. Any kind of food. Mexican food. Zaxbys food. Whatever kind of food. #tweetedlocation #thanksinadvance

When ur speaking all I ask is that u TALK UP !!cause I can’t hear u … #ThanksInAdvance ????

Text the address #ThanksInAdvance RT @Mz_P0puLaR: Should make a big Sunday Dinner tonight

If someone could kindly go and remove the sand from formby beach before tomorrow morning i would be very greatful. #thanksinadvance


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