Where is Mark Potok?

Whenever we get even a small chance of an event being terrorism from an Islamic source we get conservative bedwetters like Frank Gaffney or Pamela Geller or any other numbnut who hates brown people on the teevee telling us to wet our pants.  Why isn’t a responsible researcher who has dedicated years of work to tracking the white supremacy movement on the speed dial at the same places for cases like Wade Page? 

One thought on “Where is Mark Potok?

  1. To answer your rhetorical question, because if “Terrorism” is always reported as muslims attacking us for our freedoms and never equated with the Dark Night in Auroa Colorado or with an attack by a white power reactionary at Sikh temple then the right-wing base can be counted upon to always fall in line with the he-men who espouse a fight’em over there so we don’t have to fight’em over here neo-conservative imperalist philosophy.

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