This Clown Got 31% Against Schakowsky?

Critical race theory’s relation to white supremacy is how it is reduced by legal means. Like you know, civil rights laws.

Being proud of being stupid–Breitbart Lives on!

And Alex—really, how did he get that 31%?

3 thoughts on “This Clown Got 31% Against Schakowsky?

  1. If I understand correctly, at the center of this particular “bombshell” is Critical Race Theory. In 2003, a prominent university published a .pdf that was possibly a forward of a published book addressing “CRT”. In it, they mention the reasons for the development of Critical Race Theory (co-collaborated by a white man) and then outline some “insights” about Critical Race Theory – one of which is “critique of liberalism”.
    To characterize “CRT” as taking its roots in “White Supremacy” is disingenuous. (Pollak’s actual quote: “White Supremacy is at the heart of critical race theory and Obama knew it”).

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