4 thoughts on “ArchPundit Endorsed

  1. My candidacy has now been vindicated (please note for posterity there is no “C” in my last name.) I must report however that when asked by a reporter from the State Journal Register why I had applied, I mentioned that I was hoping for some free stuff like t-shirts or coffee mugs. The reporter apparently felt this need not be reported.

  2. Oops–fixed the spelling. I’m known for doing that. When Daniel Biss started writing he had to point out to me his name was not Bliss.

    He should have gone and asked Steve Brown what Lt. Gov swag they were giving out.

  3. I must report that my candidacy has hit a big speed bump. I was contacted that I could have 3 minutes on Saturday to explain why I would be a worthy candidate. This creates two problems. I have a trip to Chicago this weekend. Let me see. Spend time with my granddaughter or with democrats? Granddaughter wins. Second. 3 minutes to state my case. I can’t even clear my throat in 3 minutes.

    I really didn’t want to be Lt. Gov, the job I am really after is Baseball Commissioner. Do you think they will have an on-line process?

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