What Kind of Moron Is This GuY?

Kevin Drum:

BLAGO UPDATE….Thanks partly to this being a slow news day and partly to the sheer juiciness of the whole thing, the blogosphere is ablaze with chatter about the arrest of Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich on corruption charges. Main theme: the guy has been under investigation for three years by the same prosecutor who convicted both Scooter Libby and the previous governor of Illinois, but he was merrily blathering away to friends anyway about selling off Barack Obama’s senate seat to the highest bidder? What kind of fucking moron is this guy?

Oh, let’s just make this an open thread for ideas on how to answer that question.

6 thoughts on “What Kind of Moron Is This GuY?

  1. I am reminded of a line from the movie version of Gore Vidal’s “The Best Man”

    “It’s not that you are a son of a bitch, I can live with that. It’s that you’re such a DUMB son of a bitch that I object to.”

  2. Have you ever worked with or met a really and truly stupid person who has been able to have some success? They think they are the smartest person in the world because they don’t understand or comprehend a damned thing, but they got away with it.

    Cf. Bush, McCain, Romney. Guiliani, F. Thompson, Suckabee, and the pig from Alaska.

  3. Blago is such an idiot…

    ..considering history in Illinois one should assume that the office of Govenor comes complete with a wire tap and your own personal prosecutor in waiting.

    What an idiot.

  4. Obviously if it’s being done by himself, it’s not criminal. Just because it looks like a bank robbery doesn’t mean it is a bank robbery — if I’m the one, er, doing the robbing.

  5. Blagojevich is to shameless/craven corruption as Gary Hart is to reckless sexual conduct. Both essentially dared the opposition to catch them in the act, and both were caught red handed. Stupid or pathological?

    Both I think.

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