Jill Stanek Follies

It’s always hysterical when Stanek gets some attention because then those of us who know her so well around Illinois get to bring out the crazy batshit stuff she spews on a regular basis.

She’s been making the rounds and is even being treated seriously by the New York Times–something local reporters have largely stopped doing because they learned.

Here are my archives of Stanek’s craziness followed by some of my favorites

She discussed how beating your wife was justified when she had an abortion:

That spontaneous slap was the reaction of a real man who a woman had just told she aborted his baby. Compare that to the modern day cowardly male response, “It’s your choice. Whatever you decide, I’ll support you.” Or worse, his threat to abandon her if she does not abort.

It was this fierce devotion to family that strangely endeared us to the Corleone men despite their otherwise heinous behavior.

There’s a rather odd discussion on Mr. Brooks that no one can make any sense of.

She works with Eric Scheidler and his father Joe Scheidler who is a violent anti-abortion activist who was convicted under RICO laws later overturned due to Constitutional issues.  Regardless, Scheidler has a strange coincidence of showing up at abortion protests that turn violent.

She claimed the Chinese eat babies and then when confronted with the point that such claims were debunked, held to the argument that Snopes debunking article was before the new claim so it had no value.

She said of John Fritchey:

Fritchey works toward his Teen Genocide Promotion award

And my favorite, she compared the Illinois Senate Majority Leader to a porn star because she had HPV.

Here, Here, Here, Here, Here

To this day she claims Terri Schiavo was aware

Her claims about Christ Hospital were never substantiated when Pro-Life Illinois AG Jim Ryan’s office investigated her ‘claim to fame.’

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  1. When the “messenger” has some actual facts against the hospital she’s accusing then she won’t be criticized. Where I come from what she did is called LYING!

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