Fun Neocon Plays–Push Two Countries Into War by Implying to One the US Has Their Back

While many have pointed out the disaster that is our response to Georgia, it’s important to note that Scheunemann is following the same strategy for Georgia that Rumsefeld attempted with Taiwan and China.

Fortunately, Rumsfeld had adult supervision with Powell sending his guys behind to clean up the mess.  This time, there’s no one to clean up and the Georgian President seems to think the US will save his ass for a poor game of brinksmanship–and many of the neocons are trying to do just that.

Another 4 years of this kind of foreign policy insanity cannot happen–it has a significant chance of blowing up into something much more than just a small regional war and further provocation by these twits will end in a disaster on a far greater scale.

2 thoughts on “Fun Neocon Plays–Push Two Countries Into War by Implying to One the US Has Their Back

  1. if kosovo situation is same or similar in most important aspects to that of abkhazia and s. ossetia then reunification of ossetia is morally correct.
    abkhazia also has the right to its independence.
    kosovo had been conquered by serbia. it doesn’t mean we have to honor the conquest forever.
    it seems also that georgia had conquered abkhazia and s. ossetia.
    we do not need to honor the laws enacted by evil empires. laws passed by the empires to cement land gained by war we can from now on discard just like mafia laws. thank u

  2. It would be funny to watch this lameduck Administration tilting at windmills in this situation where it no longer has any credibility or recognition… if it weren’t so serious. Putin holds all the cards.

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