Apparently Not Broadening Their Horizons

Who would have thought it:

UPDATE 1x:  In case you didn’t know — which we figured these guys knew what they were doing when they sent this out — the joke is on the IR Editor on this post.  I trusted the sources and wanted to do them a favor and publicize, since they asked us to.  Won’t happen again.

The bars the McCain Young Professionals will be visiting Saturday night are gay bars.  This weekend will be Boystown’s annual Market Days.  Market Days’ celebrations are obscene and public indecency runs rampant at Halsted and Broadway during Market Days.

IR does not endorse this activity, nor do we encourage anyone else to participate.  We apologize for being so gullible in this instance.

Young Professionals for McCain, we enjoy a good laugh like anyone else, but this isn’t funny.  I hope the McCain people are kidding . . . and if this is a joke on behalf of the Hillary Clinton faction that is reportedly involved in helping the McCain people, the joke is on the McCain people.  Hillary’s people are NOT helping you — especially with the already wobbly and very hesitant socially-conservative base.

Carry on . . . and thanks to the gentleman who so kindly called IR to tell us what was going on.  You know who you are.  We owe you one.

Not such a big tent afterall.