Teh Taxes, Teh House, TEH MADIGAN!

… to the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee.

Dude, Madigan isn’t a white whale. Give it up.

Rich has the latest eruption from Governor Ahab.

“Here’s another thing that Mr. Madigan keeps killing every year, and that’s fundamental education funding reform. There are several ways to invest millions and millions of new dollars in or schools and solve the school funding issue without raising taxes on people. And we’ve tried for six years to get Mr. Madigan and the House Democrats to properly fund our schools.”

And as Rich says, Patterson nails it:

But that’s part of the point here. Blagojevich gets to champion his efforts to expand health care, even if few of them ever result in success. And if his plan is blocked by the House, even for legit reasons, he gets to bang on Madigan, his chief political rival.

All of this misses one important point: because of today’s actions, there’s the very real chance that next year a college student will be diagnosed with cancer, catastrophically injured in a car crash, or suffer some other ruinous medical condition, have to leave school and, as a result, lose insurance coverage that would have been guaranteed if the state’s Democrats could just get along for five minutes.

More to the point, and as Rich points out in comments over at his place, the Governor is running around amendatory vetoing bills after being absent during the session.  If he was this concerned with the bills, he could have easily been in Springfield helping to shape legislation.

This is just another reason no one trusts him.