6 thoughts on “I Hear the Gore – Obama Ticket is Still Coming

  1. He did mean the Karenna/Malia ticket in 2036, right?

    PS: From BB’s constant ramblings (ill-informed, yet with a whiff of talking point regurgitation), my guess would be the latter.

  2. I’m still betting on it until Gore endorses Obama…. things too up in the air with the Rezko convictions now, and Obama is depending on the super dels for the nomination… folks you can only trust as far as you can throw them.

  3. Rob,

    The ball is really in HRC’s and Gore’s court… she stops the campaign but holds the delegats –Gore remains silent– and then the Democrats have an opportunity to change their minds come Denver. It’s kind of like a trial nomination for Obama… he doesn’t goof up over the weeks he gets it…otherwise, no first ballot, and Gore steps in…

    like I said it depends on HRC hanging in there, Gore hanging out, and Obama not imploding… but I don’t think it’s a far fetched scenario and I for one think it’s likely…

    I have no idea what point Arch was making to the contrary.

  4. Obama, he speaks like Hitler

    I have this recurring nightmare of Farrakhan or Wright spending the night at the White House in the Lincoln bedroom. Or Barack Hussein Obama having a luncheon on the lawns with Hamas representatives, Ayers, Meeks and company. Lord help us. This life-long will also be pulling the lever for John McCain, a man who is actually proud of his country.

    We are judged by the company we keep.

    I have a very good picture of Barack Hussein Obama’s kind of change he wants to make. I can’t beleive that the Democrat party could want this Obama instead of Hillary. I would never vote for Obama not because he’s black but because of all the anti-American friends he has.

    Once again the DNC has come up with an inadequate candidate, Barack Hussein Obama is a empty suit and I don’t believe a word he says.

    I am definitely voting for John McCain. I like him a lot so it is an easy move. He loves this country and went through hell during the POW days.

    I am one of them Sc.D. a son of holocaust survivor who witnessed results of 1930’s appeasement, I saw what my mother had to live through when she was in the concentration camps. She saw what is like when you cannot defend yourself from the Nazi tyranny, she saw her family burn in the ovens of Auschwitz and Birkenau, she witnessed the les affaires of the comatose Europeans Jewry while their fellow Jews were being shipped to their death camps, and the silence of the conciliators, she bore the numbers of her arms so we will never relent in our pursuit of freedom. Today I see in Barack Obama, he speaks like Hitler and hardly set down and argue like a human being, he bring an old memories that invokes the fears of Hitler days, he promised everything under the sun and that worries me the most. Hitler promised the German people everything and only destruction came about.


    — Leland Milton Goldblatt, Ph.D. ®
    Distinguished Professor


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