4 thoughts on “What Is The Obsession with Toilet Sex by Republicans

  1. One other place he forgot to mention on Second life is the Republican Second Life Headquarters which I understand has a shrine to Ronald Reagan. Deffinatly a place where you want to keep the kids away from.

    P.S. to all the parents worring about there kids going on Second life. Turn off the computer and make you kids play ball in the street like I did when I was a kid.

  2. I hear the Monument to Republican Senator Larry Craig is just down the virtual block from the Second Life GOP HQ.

    Do these folks just dig and dig until they find the most implausible thing they can think of, no matter how rare or how many layers of protection are in place?

  3. “The Internet is corrupting our children” is the contemporary incarnation of “the commies are taking over, ‘Catcher in the Ryei is corrupting our children, heavy metal is Satan’s music, don’t do drugs, pornography is ruining marriages,” …

    If these Republicans are afraid of some good literature, heavy metal, a little pot and porn, can we expect them to snuff out the evil-doers?

  4. Recently a minor league baseball team gave out promotional bobble ‘heads’ except this time they were bobble feet..the feet were those of Larry Craig in a bathroom stall looking for a little action. Amazingly, these freebies are now on ebay and selling for hundreds of dollars. OOOOOOO the things money can buy. ;o)

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