Does Anyone Doubt That George Bush Has Been a Decisive President

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According to Mark Kirk, George Bush’s problem is that he makes a lot of 51-49 percent decisions and “cheeses” off a lot of people.

Never mind that the man has the longest record of low approval in the modern Presidency, has created huge deficits, and start a war with faulty intelligence and no planning, it’s those tough choices he makes that have led to that.

Apparently the mask of moderation disappears when Kirk is talking to Republicans alone.

Does anyone doubt that George Bush has been a decisive president?  He’s absolutely been a decisive president.  But the reality of Washington is that all of the easy decisions are not made in the Oval Office.  The Oval Office is for the 51-49 issues.  That’s the whole purpose of that office.  And so, you make too many of those 51-49 decisions, you’ve got 49 percent of the country that’s cheesed off at you.  And that’s the reality of being in the White House.

2 thoughts on “Does Anyone Doubt That George Bush Has Been a Decisive President

  1. Fuzzy math…

    Deny it to your heart’s content but it’s not 49% of the country cheesed off at W — it’s 70%.

    And, it has been for quite some time now.

    All presidents must be decisive by definition but these huge numbers of cheesed off Americans, of course, are quite predictable when 70% of the country disagrees with the decisions being made.

  2. No one doubts that Bush is decisive. He’s the decider, after all. But it isn’t a feather in your stetson when you’re decisive and your decisions are wrong far more often than they are right.

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