Dan Seals Wants to Back the Obama Agenda

Seriously, this is a bad thing to Mark Kirk…

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So the majority of his District that will vote for Obama in the fall is out of sync with Mark Kirk. Interesting admission.

In the last two months I think we’ve seen Barack Obama has unified the Kerry-Dukakis Coalition.

I think we hit Republican bottom in 2006 and I don’t know about you, but I feel stronger now.  I feel that the country was pretty shocked by what they saw about Senator Obama lately.  Our job is to move the focus beyond just him to other things the Democratic Party stands for.

I hope you begin to decide to work on Election Day. This will be a huge one. Dan Seals will have millions of dollars from Washington coming in, wants to join up with Nancy Pelosi, wants to back the Obama agenda.

12 thoughts on “Dan Seals Wants to Back the Obama Agenda

  1. Geee. I’m confused. Until the blackout I kept getting Mark’s Franked (taxpayer paid) Mail telling me how he worked so well with Democrats like Bean, how he was working toward the middle of the spectrum.

    And now he is sounding like Jim Oberweiss. Maybe Mark could get a job at the dairy.

  2. Your thing showed up on the google alert. Dan’s been running for 3 years on the same theme that Kirk=Bush and he’s now DOWN 30 points in the polls despite catching Kirk asleep at the wheel in 2006 and having campaigned relentlessly in the district. Dan’s raised and spent about 3 million now, the war is fading, and Kirk has McCain who has got to be more popular than Bush helping him now at the top of the ticket so how exactly do you see this coming off?

  3. Let’s see–the war and economy are disapproved of by 70%+ and Kirk. I don’t know. How do you see this happening given McCain wants to continue the war as Kirk does and has no economic agenda other than bankrupting the country through tax cuts we cannot afford. Hmmmm…how could any of this be a problem….

  4. I will bet anything that Kirk holds IL-10, even with Obama on the ticket.

    You all don’t get our district. Kirk is an early surrogate for McCain, and probably made these comments at a fundraiser for him. As a dem, who volunteers for Obama, was in Iowa, and voted for him back in the 2004 primary (when he was a serious underdog) I want McCain to lose badly, and disagree with Kirk on this more than anything.

    However, Dan Seals cannot put together a winning coalition in IL-10. The only guy who could have won was Jay Footlik. Do you know why? The Jewish vote. Kirk, by virtue of living in Highland Park (a dem district for Kerry and Obama) and vocally being a strong defender of Israel, has too much of a grasp on the most crucial swing voting town and bloc in our area. Kirk always will carry the southern and western parts of the district. And since he doesn’t have to run against Footlik, he will carry the Jewish vote, as well as the HP vote (often they go hand in hand) and will win the district again.

  5. ===You all don’t get our district. Kirk is an early surrogate for McCain, and probably made these comments at a fundraiser for him.

    No, he made them at a Republican Township Meeting.

    Jay was a nice guy, but he didn’t carry the Jewish vote in the primary so it’s a bit hard to make the claim you are. Dan does remarkably well with Jewish voters and is a hawk on Israel–more so than me by far. The only world that works for Kirk is one in where the right wing of AIPAC is the only Jewish voice. It isn’t though and as one can see, the Republicans are out to the right of the Israeli government let alone American Jews.

  6. well, we will see. I hope you are right. But I don’t see a situation where Mark loses without having a serious catastrophe. On the issues of import to IL-10, hes right in line (except the war.)

    Wealthy district – he wants to keep taxes low
    Environmentally conscious – scores a 90 with the League of Conservation Voters and helped in a biparisan manner to end the mercury dumping into Lake Michigan
    Gun control – one of the best records on gun control
    Israel – he will win that vote hands down over Seals

    Oh, and did I mention that he was the top GOP fundraiser in 2007. I hope for everyone’s sake that he loses and we can get another Dem in the House, but I just don’t see it happening.

    Check out the May 6 poll – hes up 21% on Seals, and Seals starts out with much higher name recognition than most challengers, having run already and lost this seat 2 years ago.

    If dems are serious about taking this seat, lets try getting a jewish candidate from HP on the ballot, one who is socially liberal, but understands the economics and social fabric of our district. We have everything from the wealthiest people in Kennilworth, Lake Forest, etc… to the poorest in the country in Zion and North Chicago. We also don’t kick out incumbents if you look historically…

    But, who knows, maybe this will all blow up in his face. I never thought Childers could win..

  7. ===Environmentally conscious – scores a 90 with the League of Conservation

    He’s scored a 90 once. This time because he’s scared. His past scores are 59, 71, and 53. His lifetime before this cycle was 61.

    Some of the worst of that is voting against full funding for the EPA and being a shill for refiners. Now, you make a good point in that people believe he’s stellar on the environment, but he’s really not that great.

    I think you are misreading the polls, but you are making a decent argument. This is a Democratic leaning District with a remarkably popular Democratic candidate from Illinois heading up the ticket. I’d hate to be Republican in any district with a serious challenger.

  8. Arch, you’d better let Mark know that there is a remake of the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth coming out soon. He will need to know that to help him understand that there is something below rock bottom. After Kirk’s “rock bottom” of 2006, fairly recently in fact, the republicans lost 3 major special elections, one here in the Chicago suburbs and the other in Mississippi of all places. The other was in Louisiana. Kirk thought the Iraq war and fearmongering re Israel would keep him in office indefinitely, but it turns out that when you lie to start a war and lie to maintain it and hurt the very people you claim to be helping, after a while folks figure it out.

  9. Kirk’s a good congressman and a smart politician and ask Lauren Beth Gash, the 2 knuckleheads that lost after that, Dan, the DCCC, and all the other people that polled and didn’t challenge if you don’t believe us.

    Time for straight talk.

    What about the following tells you seals is a good candidate?

    He’s got EVERYTHING a dem could want,

    bush in the toilet,
    the national gop in the toilet,
    a fired up base of Ellens,
    a state gop in the toilet,
    name id from a failed run,

    and….he’s now running 25 points behind where he was 2 years ago in one of the last moderate gop bastions in the us of a, while dems elsewhere win in deep red areas. His campaign staff is not well thought of by other dems apparently and it shows why with their results. Maybe these folks bad mouthing them didn’t get their jobs, but it’s never good when you bad mouth your team to the other side.

    McCain is well liked in the district-I was at an event once where Jan Schakowsky spoke glowingly of him, and people on the north shore can see what obama and the state dems have done to the state-remember this is the north shore, people don’t drink chicago kool-aid and think for themselves.

    The jeremiah wright, mcpeak, khalidi, iran, and plo business that was cute in helping him win power in hyde park has done irreparable damage to him in the north shore jewish community and it will also hurt him elsewhere and the rjc, and other national groups haven’t even started in on him and Dan here yet.

  10. Spotted a Bumper Sticker in Lake County which is certain to give

    Mark Kirk and others some indigestion.



  11. Kirk absolutely sucks! I will be doing the end zone dance when that pr!ck loses.

    Not only did he continuously and consistently suck Bush’s, er, you get it, but he voted against everything for America. Rail Safety Act? Nope, not for Mr. Kirk. Who cares if the railways in our country are safe against terrorist attacks?

    Kirk has to go! Buh bye a$$hole…should have happened years ago!

    OT: Arch, I would love your take on this: http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0805/S00171.htm

  12. The Fox Network and the Republican Party’s 527 friends have already
    started their slurs and lies against Senator Obama and his wife.

    I will be writing to Mark Kirk demanding he PUBLICLY RENOUNCE FOX NEWS AND THE REPUBLICANS FRIENDS or their words will be held against him.

    He has enough campaign troubles being tied to the Bush Administration.

    Does he want or need this extra trouble?

    If not, he will issue a Press Statement against Fox News and the GOP
    527 ads.

    All Republicans running for office should be asked to so the same.

    Demand it!

    We have had ENOUGH!

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