The Attack of the Hacks

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Molaro actually argues the Lege’s job is to not investigate allegations of corruption in a WTTW panel with Ronen and Fritchey. Same stupid argument used to avoid any oversight of the Bush administration by Republicans. Congrats to Molaro and Ronen for matching the most hypocritical and corrupt administration in national politics by defending the most corrupt and hypocritical administration at the state level.

It’s not news that Lege Members say stupid things, however, it’s news that they go on TV and back a guy somewhere between 13-20 points approval who was just named as selling jobs for campaign donations.

Bonus chutzpah in attacking Franks’ ethics while he isn’t there and did nothing comparable and then calling on Fritchey for being hypocritical because he didn’t back some bill by Ronen in the past.

There should be some shame amongst Democrats to not do their best impersonations of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.

3 thoughts on “The Attack of the Hacks

  1. I thought Molaro came off as the adult of the bunch, as his comments were the only ones not drowning in their own political opportunism. I thought CH-G came off the worst, as he was desperate to preserve the Cliff’s Notes talking points that only matter to the vapid media.

  2. I thought Ronen was the only one who came off poorly. Trying to change the subject on Fritchey looked very petty and off point — “But Johnny did it too!!!” didn’t work in grade school, Carol, and it doesn’t work today.
    CHG was great. Molaro made a decent point — if the feds are closing in why would we expect an assemblage of typically invertebrate state lawmakers to wade in and do better? — but here’s a point that I should probably launch at my own blog:
    Impeachment is nearly the only way to pry Blago out of office before 2010. The time between an indictment and trial and guilty finding would be (was in the Ryan case) many years.

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