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I’m starting to like Steve Sauerberg even if I’ll never endorse him. The Illinois Review continues its attacks on his campaign staffer because the staffer is gay.

Mr. Barron’s history as the former National Political Director of Log Cabin Republicans concerned us a few weeks ago, and we wrote about it on Illinois Review. Dr. Sauerberg was aware of the controversy, and chose to back Mr. Barron despite his political baggage problematic to conservatives.

Mr. Barron was obviously emboldened by his boss’ loyalty and evidently now has time to spend promoting himself online as a Republican gay political consultant. Must be nice work, if you can get it.

Sauerberg is ignoring calls to fire Barron because Barron is gay. Good for him.

One thought on “Daily Dolt: Illinois Review

  1. This is the problem with the Illinois Republican Party. They are to extreme. Most people don’t believe in the idea of guilt by association.

    As father of a homosexual, the GOP and their Barney Fag comments make me ill.

    Republicans want to starve kids, kick old people out on the street, take away your liberties, make poor people have to eat dog food to survive, poison the air, land and water and kill millions of American kids with your imperialist wars.

    Conservatives can’t keep their hands off the publics money. They say they are for less government unless it profits them or their friends. Conservatives want to kill millions of American kids with your imperialist wars and put billions in their pockets through companies like Halliburton.


    —Prof. Leland Milton Goldblatt, Ph.D.

    Reverend Chancellor Leland Milton Goldblatt Ph.D. ED.D. M.F.A, D.Div.
    M.Theo .


    — Leland Milton Goldblatt, Ph.D. ®
    Distinguished Professor


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