Can We Impeach Him Now?

The man is a scourge on state government and this pussyfooting around about a recall is silly. There are ample grounds to start impeachment hearings against Blagojevich now.

Blagojevich was also initially identified as “Public Official A” in the separate corruption case against Rezko. The judge in that case eventually identified “Public Official A” as Blagojevich, and the governor’s name has repeatedly come up in testimony at the trial.

In the plea agreement, Ata said he met with Rezko and Public Official A at Rezko’s Chicago offices and gave them a $25,000 check.

“Public Official A expressed his pleasure and acknowledged that the defendant had been a good supporter and a good friend,” the agreement said. “Public Official A, in the defendant’s presence, asked Rezko if [Rezko] had talked to the defendant about positions in the administration, and Rezko responded that he had.”

According to the plea agreement, Ata was interviewed in December 2005 and falsely told agents that he was not aware of any role Rezko had played in his appointment. He also falsely claimed that he got nothing in return for donations to Public Official A.

“Defendant then knew such statement and representation was false, namely, that in fact he did receive something for those contributions, specifically employment with a state agency,” the plea agreement said.

According to the document, Ata met with Public Official A in 2000 or 2001, and Ata agreed to support Public Official A in a run for higher office.

“Thereafter, defendant Ali Ata observed that Antoin Rezko was close to Public Official A and was very involved in fundraising for Public Official A’s campaign, including overseeing defendant Ali Ata’s own fundraising efforts on behalf of Public Official A,” the plea agreement said.

As early as 2002, the document said, Rezko was speaking to Ata about a state job should the candidate be elected.

In August 2002, Ata held a small fundraising event for Public Official A that the candidate attended. Before the event, Ata said he promised Rezko the fundraiser would generate $25,000 for Public Official A, and it did. Ata said $5,000 of the goal came out of his own pocket.

This isn’t even at issue in the current Rezko trial.  Cal and I agree on this and that’s not your typical day where we agree on much.   

Madigan should move to impeachment and put Jones on the spot to do it.  No one can walk away from this without suffering at the polls.

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