More GOP Daddy Talk

Tom Roeser:

Not a peep from the two-headed tame pussies of the contemporary print press, lowering their eyes for fear of “racism.”

What is it about Republicans having to prove they are manly?

He goes on a rant about Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, and Jeremiah Wright because they don’t ascribe to orthodox Christianity and that any real press would wonder about James Meeks and how much he makes and get the IRS investigating.

Of course, the IRS is investigating the national United Church of Christ for an Obama appearance.

The strange thing is that Roeser only mentions black people in the rant…but of course, he’s not being racist. I’m sure he’s just as concerned about Hagee’s constant politicking for Israeli policy in sermons and he isn’t offensive at all in calling the Catholic Church the whore of Babylon….Since Roeser is so concerncerned about these black preachers, I’m sure he’ll take on the white preacher who has a lot more power than all of them put together…..

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