Something No One Caught

The Youtube of the audio from John Gibson’s show below that has Ferraro talking about how Obama wouldn’t be where he is unless he was black.  That’s not the quote everyone is talking about. They are talking about this article in the Daily Breeze

She said it entirely independently on John Gibson’s radio talk show on February 26th.  And John Gibson called her on playing the race card:
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John Gibson calls her on racism.  John Gibson!

So she seems to have been saying it relatively freely around that time.

One thought on “Something No One Caught

  1. This has been the Steinem feminist’s rant since the outset of Hillary’s campaign. I think that Ferraro assumed that since there was no uproar against their frequent use of playing the victim card, that it had entered the realm of conventional wisdom and she could safely use it. And now Clinton will use it to win racist and republican votes in PA, and denounce Ferraro after she reaps the benefits from the comments. Can anyone deny the timing of this? She did the same thing in OH and TX with her Muslim comments and sending out pictures of Obama in African garb. And some think her red phone ad was also subtly racist – although I didn’t see it that way, I do believe she will stoop to conquer and there are no depths to which she will not sink. This is not the way to elect a woman for president.

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