Ferraro: Don’t Antagonize Me


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At this point her defense appears to be that she said it at a paid speech and so it was okay.  But she repeated it on John Gibson’s show.

Oh, and she’s a paid political analysist for Fox!  That makes it all better.

I think Obama can do without her fundraising prowess.

6 thoughts on “Ferraro: Don’t Antagonize Me

  1. If you get towards the end she goes on about how Axelrod better not be mean to her or she won’t fundraise for Obama if Obama is the nominee.

    It’s truly a perfect example of entitlement.

  2. obama team is playing the race card to their advandage and the press is going right along with them,because of their hatred of clinton.the only problem their going to have is people are starting to see that obama is using his race because he says at every stop and speach he makes,people are about to make history,by voting for him,80-90%of blacks are voting for him because of his race and when someone mentions that(if thier white)their racist,in the general,I can see john maccain stand up on stage and look obama right in the eye and say,mr. obama I will not let your race become a factor of racist remarks in this campain,but i will remind people how you became the democratic party’s choice,BY RACE BAITING,you mr obama because of your zell for the nomination have set back race relations 60 years,be proud of yourself

  3. Lee,

    1. Learn to spell and punctuate and form a sentence.

    2. Go away. You’re killing the country.

  4. Hi lee,

    First: The shift key is your friend. So is a space after punctuation.

    Second: 80-90% of the white women voting for Hillary are voting for her because they’re white women. There, I can spout made up statistics, too. But then I suppose Hillary setting feminism back 40 years, right?

    Third: Obama claiming racism is ‘playing the race card’, but Hillary claiming sexism is a fact. Or the saying the press is biased against her is a fact. And to think I thought it was the Republicans who had the corner on hypocrisy.

    Fourth: The biggest thing I have against Hillary right now is her supporters. Like lee, for example.

  5. I think if we follow through on Ferraro’s logic we can conclude that a transgender, atheist, Afro-Asian midget would be a lock for the White House.

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