Do Steve Greenberg’s Loyalties Lay With Israel over the US?

That’s the kind of bullshit line you find all of the time about Jewish candidates at White Supremacist and Anti-Semitic sites–like JewWatch, the site run by a gay Nazi.

I think we’d all be appalled by such a line.  And we get such a line from the Greenberg campaign:

Republican challenger Steve Greenberg circulated a news release Wednesday referring to the Barrington Democrat as Melissa Luburich Bean, adding her Serbian maiden name.

The news release blasted Bean for not supporting Kosovo’s move to separate from Serbia and her backing by pro-Serbian organizations.

Greenberg defended the news release Wednesday, saying her maiden name was fair game and her support for Serbia is disturbing, especially in light of last week’s attack on the U.S. embassy in the Eastern European country.

“I think ultimately when you run for office you are being vetted many ways — your middle name and last name and you get called many names,” said the Long Grove businessman. “If we are thin-skinned about it … we are probably in the wrong business.”

Bean has a long record of supporting Serbian groups and Serbia’s efforts to prevent a Kosovo succession. The position is in conflict with the official stance of the Bush administration and that of several key Western European allies.

The attack on the embassy was reportedly carried out by rioters upset with the U.S. support of a separate Kosovo state. The Serbian government denounced the attack.

Bean was not available for comment Thursday, but her spokesman did issue a one-sentence statement.

“As a rule, the congresswoman does not respond to ethnically and religiously divisive statements,” Jonathan Lipman said.

Disagreeing with Bean over policy on Serbia is fine and I’m frankly closer to Greenberg on this very narrow issue. However, trying to slur her ethnically is beyond the pale.

4 thoughts on “Do Steve Greenberg’s Loyalties Lay With Israel over the US?

  1. I think Greenberg’s loyalties lie with Sault Ste Marie over Hampton Roads. Maybe he’s hoping a giant political Zamboni will come in after him and clean up the mess he’s starting to make.

  2. What is Greenberg saying?

    From Melissa Bean’s name alone, we can conclude who and what she is and what her loyalties are.

    But is that valid? isn’t that racism and anti-Serbianism?

    From his Jewish name “Greenberg” we can make the same racist generalizations. Greenberg is a Zionist who wants to commit genocide against Palestinian Muslims. Moreover, Greenberg is a neocon who got us into Iraq to fight a war for Israel.

    Why didn’t any Jewish groups attack Greenberg for his racism?

    Not one single Jew attacked Greenberg for his racism.

    And is Jewish allegiance to Israel such a stretch? All the neocon cabal are rabid, militant Zionists who only ask: “Is it good for Israel”? Now I guess this is all just imagined and a stretch!!

    Jewish groups need to attack this rabid racist Jew Greenberg.

    But just the madness of attacking someone for their name is staggering. And from a person with a Jewish name!

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