Super Tuesday IL Senate

Durbin has no competition, but the Republican race is a bit interesting. Not in the sense someone may matter in the fall, but it could be another disaster for the Illinois Circular Firing Squad Team AKA the Illnois GOP.

The preferred candidate is a fellow named Steve Saurberg.  I think we see the problem Who? And that’s his name?

The problem is the guy has nearly zero name recognition and in the absence of any information and a low turnout Republicans are expecting, it could well be that people vote for the pretty name. That belongs to loon serial candidate Andy Martin. He’s the guy who started the Obama is a Muslim smear.  He’s an idiot, anti-semitic, and most of his campaigning involves showing up on blogs and commenting.  He’ll probably show up below.

Anyway, Martin’s name sounds better than a guy not quite named Sauerkraut so it could be a fun result.

There’s a second loon running by the name of Mike Psak who has a campaign centered on commenting on blogs as well.  His name isn’t so friendly so other than whining about his treatment in this blog entry, he’ll fade away.

Dick Durbin would be doing his victory lap already, but he’s out working for Barack.

One thought on “Super Tuesday IL Senate

  1. You views on Steve Saurberg are purely ignorant.He works countless hours at crisis pregnancy centers and volunteers with in the Rockford community. He is going to return Illinois family values to Washington and he has my vote!

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