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It appears the Illinois GOP (ICFST) is concerned that they might be LaRouched. For those that don’t recall, the Illinois Democratic Party slated two guys with ethnic names in the 1986 election and two LaRouche candidates with names like Fairfield and Hart.  Fairfield and Hart won and so Adlai Stevenson formed a third party ticket to compete leaving the loons to themselves.

So now they have the inexperienced Steve Sauerberg running against two loons who they are terrified might win! Sauerberg is a doctrinaire conservative Republican and family doctor.  Nothing exciting and he has all of $67,000 in the bank.

This time, the GOP primary contest features three contenders who have never held a public office. It has been a below-the-radar race featuring a party-backed candidate against a perennial contender with a controversial past that includes making anti-Semitic remarks and a fringe candidate who has made the elimination of toll roads a top agenda item.

The state Republican Party took the unusual step of issuing a primary endorsement of Steve Sauerberg, a Willowbrook family practice physician, in part to try to marginalize his challengers. But some Republicans have expressed fears that Sauerberg’s low-volume campaign might not be enough to defeat Andy Martin and Mike Psak, a result that would cast further doubt on the GOP’s relevance in Illinois.

Andy Martin is the assclown who started the Obama is a Muslim smear.

One challenger, Martin, has been a frequent candidate in Illinois and Florida in the last three decades. His last appearance on the state’s Republican primary ballot was two years ago, when he received 6,095 votes in finishing last in a five-way race in which more than 729,000 ballots were cast.

In 1973, the Illinois Supreme Court refused to allow Martin admission to the bar, saying he lacked the fitness to be an attorney.

Federal courts have repeatedly sanctioned him for what judges said is his filing of hundreds of largely meritless legal actions.

In early January, a Cook County judge tossed a lawsuit Martin filed against the Tribune alleging the newspaper portrayed him in a false light, contending that his name was not surveyed in a poll of the GOP primary candidates for governor that showed he had less than 1 percent support.

Judge Stuart Palmer ruled Martin’s allegations about the poll appeared to be “simply wrong” in that Martin’s name was included in the survey.

Palmer also rejected the lawsuit, in part, because he said Martin had failed to adhere to a federal court injunction preventing him from initiating lawsuits in state courts without filing a document reciting his litigation history.

In his past, Martin also has expressed anti-Semitic views. When he ran for Congress in Connecticut in 1986, the name of his congressional campaign committee included the phrase “to exterminate Jew power in America,” Federal Election Commission records show.

In a 1983 personal bankruptcy case, he referred to a federal bankruptcy judge as a “crooked, slimy Jew, who has a history of lying and thieving common to members of his race.” In a related court filing in the case, he also expressed sympathy to the perpetrators of the Holocaust.

And there’s more.

Circle ’em up and fire.  I think after the gift of Keyes I can not ask for Martin to win this, though I’ll be delighted to watch Andy McKenna try and spin that.

12 thoughts on “Trib Front Pages the Illinois Circular Firing Squad Team

  1. Thank you for crediting me for telling the truth about Barack Obama.

    At least I don’t have Tony Rezko in my past.

    Andy Martin

  2. Wow Mark, are you saying you wouldn’t trust your guys with loaded guns? Or are you admitting to the weakness of your party’s field of candidates?

    Dr. Squid, Good point. I wonder if Mr. Martin realizes Pres. Bush also has Tony Rezko in his past.

  3. Rob…..

    My comment on help was for you to click the Wiki link if you didn’t understand the concept of syllogism.

    Even lame humor loses it’s punch when you have to explain it.


  4. The GOP U.S. Senate primary will be won by Mike Psak, the only conservative candidate in that race. He’s pro-tax cuts, pro-spending cuts, pro-life, anti-illegal alien, pro-gun rights, and anti-gay marriage. His petition was signed by voters who live in 96 counties. Please read Psak’s site, He was endorsed by these conservative groups:
    Illinois Center Right Coalition
    Illinois Federation for Right to Life
    Illinois Citizens For Life (Highest Rating)
    Minutemen Midwest – 93% Rating
    Tax Accountability 2008
    National Taxpayers United of Illinois
    Berwyn Township Regular Republican Organization
    Berwyn Friends Of The GOP – PAC
    Kathy Schott, DuKane A.B.A.T.E.
    Chicago Minuteman Project (Highest Rating)

  5. I think maybe the best part of Obama’s campaign is this: the closer Obama comes to winning, and the more desparate the real bigots in this country become, the more their true colors show.

    And that is very good, because every single day, with each additional report of insane irrational hatred and bigotry on the Right, it points out to the rest of us how very far away from us these nut-job hate-mongers are.

    Who would actually read about Martin and think to themselves, “I want to be like Martin. I think his opinions are right on the money.”? Same with John McCain’s brother Joe calling Virginians “communists” yesterday. Is this who most Americans want to think they are like?

    What Martin and others also don’t realize is the age issue this presents. Most people under 40 do not identify themselves with this kind of anti-semitic, anti-communist, racist rhetoric.

    They have also grown up with the manipulative marketing of generations raised with TV’s and computers in their homes. McCain and Palin’s last minute desparate smear campaign look just that – desperate.

    So, keep it up, Mr. Martin. Nothing is as effective at showing us who we don’t want to be as someone like you.

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