One Week, Nothing More Important

Democrats are pissed off that the new Democratic Congress has been weak an ineffective. Signing on to bills to make George Bush think about the war instead of simply saying not one more damn dollar for this fiasco. Signing on to destroy the 4th Amendment by giving the Executive broad powers to tap phones without judicial oversight.

But how do you send a signal when the other side is even worse? You take out some of the worst of your own party in the primaries. Dan Lipinski came to his office through an act of fraud when the elder Lipinski withdrew and made sure there’d be no competition by sticking a plant on the Republican side of the ballot. He remains in that seat with the blessing of the supposedly tough on corruption Chicago Tribune that dismisses the rank corruption that got him in office and has kept him in office as a number of interlocking State and Federal PACs and Campaign Committees throw money around to keep control of the 23rd Ward and the 3rd Congressional District. Federal employees work for these State PACs and Campaign committees while earning a good living on the tax payer dime. State PACs run by a registered lobbyist.

Oh, and he’s horrible on gay rights, immigrant rights, contraception and abortion, and civil rights.

And he’s in a safe Democratic seat where the primary will determine the ultimate victor. He’s the perfect target: corrupt and conservative.

Mark Pera, on the other hand, got in a race that looked nearly impossible and is oh so close to pulling it off. Help him do it.

Donate or help on the ground or both.

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