Fun With YouTube

I believe there’s a threat in there too.  Given the pretty clear bipolar issues, someone might want to check him out.
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3 thoughts on “Fun With YouTube

  1. I think the …uuhhhh… threat is that he’ll …uummm… have to wear the silly fake …uuhhhhh… CowBoy HAT! (!)

    Just two minutes — that’s all one can ask, really — and he’ll be talkin’ real high (in front of his computer, with the text of his rant up on the screen in front of him).

    Sense a lot of anger in that one, I do.

  2. So much hilarious crazy…

    “No speaka da English”
    Lonnie, are we pushing back on Italian immigrants again?

    I am also fond of the outrage over some illegal immigrants who have committed rapes and murders…”these are the kinds of people…”

    Aaah, more “Therefore Socrates was a cat” logic from conservatives. Love it.

    BTW, is it just me, or does Lonnie have a fascination with dicks. Just sayin.

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