Madigan has Already Won

Blagojevich just doesn’t get it.

Via Rich 

 16 percent approval

Given the margin of error his Excellent rating could be from 0.5% to 9.5%.  Woohoooooooooo…..

Looking up at Nixonian numbers.  How’s it feel Guv?

All Madigan has to do is sit, avoid headlines, and he, or his daughter, will be around far longer than the guy there now.  The thing Jones needs to seriously think about is whether he wants anyone in his caucus tied to this guy.  While I think that relationship is far more tenuous than those that claim it’s the defining issue in Illinois, Jones gets nothing out of this relationship besides headaches.
George Bush, probably the President who has sustained low poll numbers longer than anyone else is twice as popular as a Democratic Governor in a blue state.  And we haven’t even had any good indictments lately.