IL-14: Piss Poor Numbers Save Foster

$45,000 Raised
$30,000 Spent
$20,000 On hand
$61,000 raised
$38,000 Spent
$61,000 on hand
$33,000 in debt (probably not being repaid so irrelevant)
$209,000 Raised
$105,000 Spent
$407,000 On hand
$200,000 in debt (not being repaid)
Foster has at least 2 mailings in the expenditures too.

Lauzen hasn’t filed, but claims to be around $200,000 which is okay–given he’s a sitting State Senator, it seems a bit low, but it is the ramp up quarter.

2 thoughts on “IL-14: Piss Poor Numbers Save Foster

  1. It is too bad that your only interest is how much money was raised. Here in a democracy where not only the wealthy, or ones with wealthy contacts, should win, I would hope that you could concentrate on the worthiness of the candidates, their honesty, integrity, ability and hard work to get things done, etc. etc. etc. It is disappointing to read that you are only concerend with the money and it is said that money plays such a big part in getting elected.

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