Stop Pornography in The Military

I mean, what greater danger could our troops face than misogynistic crap in the middle of a civil war in which both sides hate us?

Trueman says the Alliance Defense Fund is encouraging citizens to get involved in this fight over this pornography policy. “What we’re going to do is try to get more and more complaints into the military about this policy. Because in justifying this policy by the military what they’ve said [is] they’ve had few complaints from families about the sale of pornography in the military,” he says.

Trueman says sexual harassment and other problems in the military are exacerbated by pornography. He says this new policy, of deeming magazines like Penthouse and Playboy as not sexually explicit, counters common sense.

2 thoughts on “Stop Pornography in The Military

  1. if your snark is asking if porn, misogyny and sexual violence is less important than war then here are my two cents:

    if you’re a woman in the military, already keeping your head down from all the sexual harrassment and covered up rapes going on, and you’re surrounded by all these guys reading hard core porn – or if you’re an iraqi girl just minding your own 14-year old business surrounded by a bunch of drunk, angry soldiers reading porn that strongly suggests there’s nothing better to solidify male bonding than a gang bang of a barely legal hot chick – then i’d say that you would find the situation pretty damn important.

  2. And the evidence is that porn leads to rape?

    It’s a dumb argument on many levels, but no study has ever found that porn leads to violence.

    But keep making shit up.

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