30 by 30 For Mark Pera

Markos joins in on the fun

The ad is up in the corner and you can go here to donate.  Please do.  This is a winnable race with a reactionary, anti-democratic pol born on 3rd base thinking he hit a triple running against a strong progressive candidates who went to work in the steel mill.

Y’know all those races where you vote for the lessor of evils, this isn’t one of them. Mark’s a great guy-honest, humble, and a true progressive.  Help him out.

4 thoughts on “30 by 30 For Mark Pera

  1. Arch,

    Would consider, but one of the endorsements says he’s like Ned Lamont. It’s no endorsement of Lieberman to say that’s a demerit in my book.

  2. I’d say he’s pretty different–he’s a prosecutor who started out in the steel mills and really got involved because he was unhappy with what has been going on in the 3rd District.

    However, I’m not a national blogger who viewed Ned Lamont as the savior.

  3. Thanks,
    Good to hear that. Ned showed up as a bit of a weiner/whiner/weenie in his campaign (I don’t think I was the only one to think that). I find it hard to get a bead on whether a candidate is a real stand-up guy/gal. What with all the spin coming out of the hyperpartisans, it’s tricky getting a good read on good people. I usually like your judgments, so thanks for keeping the info flowing!

  4. I saw Mark Pera once at a debate when he ran for the Illinois House in 1996. I think he’s a good guy, but I don’t think he’s a true progressive. He was the machine-appointed Democrat in that race. Pocketed a bunch of money from Chicago politicians. Then after he lost, he was clouted into a job with another Chicago politician with ties to Daley.

    If he’s a true progressive, anti-machine candidate, then I’m a Genghis Khan.

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