Lauzen to Oberweis: Scoreboard

Hysterical infighting:

Lauzen said he intends to differentiate himself from Oberweis by focusing on his electoral victories, his independence and his experience. Oberweis’s strategists see their candidate as the GOP front-runner and intend to set up his contrast with the
Democrats versus running against Lauzen.

“I’ve been doing for 15 years what Jim promises to do in campaigns,” Lauzen said. “The other thing is that I win campaigns; Jim loses them. … He’s spent $7.5 million to lose three campaigns.”

Oberweis is resisting any comparisons to Lauzen and is focusing on saving the district from Democratic takeover.

“I’m not running against Chris Lauzen; I’m running against the Democrats,” Oberweis said. “I think there’s a reasonable chance, a year from now, they’re going to look around and say, ‘Boy, wouldn’t we love to embarrass the former speaker by electing a Democrat?’”

Hysterical end line:

“I have made plenty of mistakes as an entrepreneur, and I’m sure that as a candidate I’ve made plenty of mistakes as well,” Oberweis said. “But the good news is, good entrepreneurs tend to learn from their mistakes. And I believe I’ve learned a lot.”

Yes, he finds ways to screw up in entirely new and fascinating ways.