Petey’s on the Case

 He’s got the Idaho Values Association call for Craig’s resignation:

If the senator did indeed engage in the behavior to which he pled guilty, then the appropriate thing for him to do is to resign from office. Character is an essential qualification for public service, and the essence of character is what you do when you do not think anyone is looking.

The problem here, for Petey, is that as a guy who makes a habit of going undercover to investigate homosexual practices, he might want to be careful about supporting such convictions…..

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  1. Archpundit, your statements about oral sex & sodomy are utter rubbish. Many women don’t want to engage in oral sex because they think it’s kinky. Most women do not want to engage in sodomy, just as most women aren’t willing to engage in scat. I’ve read different #s on sodomy, but the #s of 10% or less is what is right.

    With oral sex, there have been cases where marriages have ended because the husband wanted oral sex & the wife didn’t or the husband would have an affair with a woman who would give him oral sex. Oral sex to many are regarded as kinky & to almost all couples sodomy is regarded as kinky. That’s why it’s called kinky sex. Caleb Price has shown that VD is high among lesbians. Porn actresses come to mind. The argument that lesbians have safer sex lives is just rubbish. Lesbian activities are what’s medically harmful.

    Just Dropping In, you said it well. Sex change maimings must be abolished. Scientists must find cures for GID, not mutilations. The hormone shots incr. the risk of cancers, something which sadly only gets minor coverage. If some1 has Racial Identity Disorder, it’s considered unethical for a surgeon to make their skin white. Abolish sex change maimings. Treat the mind, do not maim the body.

    As you know, I mentioned that I’m not religious. I used to have a neutral view of homosexuality, but after years of thinking about it, I’ve come against homo&lesbian activities. Here are the reasons I came to my thinking.

    Rather than neutrally discussing homosexuality, homosexual groups such as PFLAG are dishonest. Now there may be a gene to engage in H&L activities. But just because there’s a gene doesn’t make the behavior good.

    As far as can homosexual rape esp. in youth cause a young boy to engage in homosexual activities in adulthood. While most victims of homosexual rape in youth don’t engage in homosexual activities in adulthood, the likelihood is increased because such an event is traumatic & can impact the mind in different ways, incl. sexually. I’ve seen interviews of homosexuals who believe that being a victim of homosexual rape in youth influenced their sexuality. If they had not been raped in their youths, would they have engaged in homosexual activities in adulthood? Now while most homosexual adults weren’t homosexually raped in their youths, what I’m saying is that to say that homosexual rape doesn’t impact some people’s sexuality is not understandable & it’s not honest. There are many different reasons why people engage in sexual activities, both social & biological.

    Finally, let me end this by raising something most people won’t seriously consider-what if scientists did discover the 100% cures for homosexuality, GID & oral sex? I have no doubt that if they discovered the pill or shot to help some1 quit gay sex, then many gays would take this medicine to go straight. It would require the medical & psychological community to think about things that weren’t seriously thought of before, as discoveries can change the discussion. People who suffer from GID would take the shot to go straight. We would hear about the harms of sex change maimings such as the harms done by hormone shots which currently only get minor coverage.

  2. No, I’m not Peter LaBarbera, nor have I met him. Peter LaBarbera doesn’t go to the sites, reporters from IFI & Americans for Truth do. As far as sex change maimings-they are animal cruelty. Animals were cruelly maimed & experimented on. Martina Navratilova recently protested experiments to make gay sheep straight as animal cruelty, yet Martina Navratilova has not protested sex change maimings, which were 1st done on animals. Sex change maimings are synonymous to bestiality & homosexuality.

    Martina Navratilova has also given money to AIDS research, which involves lab experiments on animals. As far as AIDS, why do people empathize with homosexual AIDS victims? If some1 is going to have sex with many & not use condoms & they get AIDS or VD, then that’s the risk involved.

    It’s noteworthy that when homo&lesbians who post here dislike what is written, they engage in personal attacks, saying F word this & that. They can’t refute the fact that homo&lesbian activities are medically harmful, so they resort to insulting those who point out the harms of their sexual activities.

    Finally as far as teens, I believe that adults should have the right to forbid their kids from engaging in H&L activities. Minors are reqd. to get parental permission before they can play football, participate in boxing & martial arts or be on the school track team. In fact, minors are reqd. to get parental permission before they can even get their ears pierced. Minors can’t smoke. Parents forbidding minors from engaging in H&L activities is synonymous to parents forbidding minors to use tobacco.

  3. That has got to be the single worst-argued post I’ve ever seen. I can’t even keep track of the number of logical fallicies.

    Marriages have ended over oral sex? Probably very few, but even so, it has nothing to do with the price of tea in China. Marriages have ended over oral sex, regular sex, money, children, and probably even bad cooking. (I find it interesting that the only oral sex you seem to think exists is woman-on-man sex.)

    Not all lesbians are porn actresses. In fact, I bet very few are.

    Your tangent on rape makes absolutely no sense at all. It’s barely coherent. I’m sure rape screws many people up mentally and emotionally, and causes them to act out with behaviors they wouldn’t normally do. I’m sure some of them become alcoholics. That doesn’t mean we should jump to prohibition.

    I can’t go on, it’s too frustrating. The fact that you use terminology that no one else uses suggests you’re more interested in labeling people, demonizing them, and flaunting your moral superiority than actually having a discussion about anything.

    So here’s a thought: don’t like “H&L” sex? Don’t have it. Don’t want a blow job? Don’t get one. Stop trying to tell other people how to live their lives.

  4. ===Sex change maimings are synonymous to bestiality & homosexuality.

    Given homosexuality isn’t synonymous with bestiality this sentence is utterly without meaning.

  5. ===Archpundit, your statements about oral sex & sodomy are utter rubbish. Many women don’t want to engage in oral sex because they think it’s kinky. Most women do not want to engage in sodomy, just as most women aren’t willing to engage in scat. I’ve read different #s on sodomy, but the #s of 10% or less is what is right.

    Because you say so? You have better numbers than the NORC survey? Impressive.

    Many women don’t want to engage in oral sex because they think it’s kinky? Uh…no. Pick up any women’s magazine and read the articles on giving a good blow job or how to get your man to perform cunnilingus. That’s right! Men perform oral sex on women too! And it’s common!

    Scat=anal sex. You are a little unhinged aren’t you?

    ===Peter LaBarbera doesn’t go to the sites

    You are not well informed:
    After reading the superficial interview by the Red Eye’s Chris LaMorte (reprinted in full below), I decided to go down to Chicago on Memorial Day, the last day of IML, to gather evidence on this twisted event.

    As you can imagine, this idea didn’t go over too well with my wife. Anyway, I arrived at the Hyatt Regency, and made my way down to where the IML vendors were set up in a vast “Leather Market,” which was open to the public and mentioned in the Tribune’s Red Eye story.

    I paid my two-dollar entrance fee and passed by a femmy “leather” guy who was happily greeting visitors with the line, “Welcome to the WalMart of porn!” At the vendors’ area, I found booth upon booth–there were over a hundred–selling whips, handcuffs, electric “torture” devices, leather “hoods,” etc., a veritable cornucopia for the deviant. The man was right: there was also tons of the most disgusting pornography imaginable for sale at reduced prices, right there are at the glitzy Hyatt Regency!

    Leathermen embrace behaviors at the fringe of the sexual fringe. One San Francisco outfit’s booth sold only porn videos depicting “barebacking–“gay” slang for condomless sodomy. Other booths sold sadistic hard-core porn too gross to describe here (and this was just at the vendor’s market!).

    As it says in Bible, “they invent ways of doing evil.” (Romans 1:30)

  6. I think this is also a very good demonstration of the fact that people like Petey and missionaryway consider gays to be deviant and evil by their very nature. The focus on the fetish aspect of things is simply a way to increase the ick factor. If there was no IML, Petey would be picketing lesbian commitment ceremonies or something.

  7. Re: “Finally as far as teens, I believe that adults should have the right to forbid their kids from engaging in H&L activities.”

    You’re kidding, right Missionaryway?

    What kid goes to their parents to get permission to do anything sexual; whether it be a hetero- or homo-sexual activity?

    Missionaryway, did you ask your parents permission before you did anything sexual? Come to think of it, you probably did and most likely still do!

    Keep ’em coming Missionaryway. Just when I thought I’d heard everything, you post something else that’s totally off the wall and it makes me double up laughing!

  8. Sex change maimings are synonymous to bestiality & thus worse than homosexuality-that is what I meant to say. To say otherwise is not understandable.

    Some homosexuals have themselves said that they believe that being homosexually raped in their youths influence adult homosexual behavior. It doesn’t take an expert to understand that being raped in 1s youth can mess up the mind in many ways incl. sexual. Bedwetting & drug use are higher among those who were raped in their youth. It’s not surprising that some youths go on to engage in homo activities in adulthood because of how it impacted them. While most people who are homosexually raped in youth don’t engage in homosexual behaviors in adulthood, the likelihood is greater that they will.

    It’s synonymous to if a child lives in a high crime neighborhood & sees muggings. While most kids who live in high crime neighborhoods & sees street crimes, don’t become muggers, witnessing such events incr. the likelihood that they will.

    What Archpundit reran about oral sex & sodomy is not understandable. Most women do regard sodomy as kinky & there are many women who regard oral sex as unhygenic. You can quote the NORC survey, but there are other surveys you can find on the Internet which show differently. I’ve read 30%, 40%, 70% & 90% figures for oral sex, but the 40% figures are right. Sodomy & oral sex didn’t get the reputation of being called kinky sex if most people engaged in them. Also, why would states up until even the 1990s (2003 Supreme Court ruling overturned it) have laws against oral sex & sodomy if most people engaged in them ? Oral sex may be linked to an incr. in prostate cancer, though inconclusive. Homos do have higher incidence of certain cancers.

    H&L even in socieities tolerant of H&L activities have higher rates of suicides, drug problems, etc., so the rerun it’s because of society’s intolerance is not true. Society must treat H&L activities, sodomy & oral sex the same way it treats tobacco use-help people quit them. Michael Glatze who is a recovered homosexual profiled on Americans For Truth, used to be a homosexual activist. Michael Glatze spoke of the fact that homo&lesbian activities are what is medically harmful. He got angry replies from H&L who hated the fact that he wrote about the harms of those sexual activities.

  9. Good God in Heaven. i go off and have a labour day weekend and this conversation has just gotten crazy.

    “Homo&lesbian sexual activities are medically bad, just as tobacco use is bad.”

    want to know what’s even worse, Missionary-whatever?

    Smoking cock. doubly dangerous. anyway.

    so, to all the normal folks:

    (and when i use the word normal, i’m not referring to antiquated ill-informed mores imposed by theocratic fuckbags…i’m using it more in the sense of, you know, “not fundamentalists.”)

    i read a great quote this weekend that says a lot about the people with whom we’re arguing, and further explains why they just might not be worth the breath/finger-strokes we exert in trying to knock sense into them. (i mean, these, by in large, are the same folks who are proud members of the “26 percent and falling” club who still support George’s war. kind of the lowest common denominator.)

    it’s from George Orwell:

    “We are all capable of believing things which we know to be untrue, and then, when we are finally proved wrong, impudently twisting the facts so as to show that we were right. Intellectually, it is possible to carry on this process for an indefinite time: the only check on it is that sooner or later a false belief bumps up against solid reality, usually on a battlefield.”
    — George Orwell, “In Front of Your Nose.” 1946

    or bumps up against a cop in a public restroom.

    or, in some peoples’ cases, the SteamWorks bathhouse?


    anyway, i thought it was poignant.

  10. Evan,

    I didn’t even fully read it because you wrote profanities such as the f word, & I guessed it’s just ad homenims when you can’t refute.

    It’s apparent that continuing this topic won’t raise any new ideas. You still haven’t been able to think seriously about what if science discovered the 100% cures for H&L, sodomy, oral sex & GID? The world will be a better place if the found the 100% cures. Yes, I know that what I wrote is telling others how to live their lives.

    Let me also say is that over the years, I’ve written about many topics, but this is the topic where I’ve gotten the most # of hostile replies, because H&L hate others pointing out the medical harms of their sexual behaviors. Finally, there are 42 year old virgins. I know people who are 42 year old virgins. There are some people who never have sex in their life.

  11. I’m amused at the notion that the University of Chicago’s survey shop is wrong because someone says so, not because of any critique of their survey. At that point, one becomes pointless in debating anything with because they cannot hold a discussion other than through unsupported assertion.

    ==because H&L hate others pointing out the medical harms of their sexual behaviors.

    And again, you haven’t pointed out that those practices are all that different from heterosexuals nor have you demonstrated that any lesbian practices are particularly dangerous.

    ==Finally, there are 42 year old virgins. I know people who are 42 year old virgins. There are some people who never have sex in their life.

    This thread has made that abundantly clear.

  12. You still haven’t been able to think seriously about what if science discovered the 100% cures for H&L, sodomy, oral sex & GID?

    Your argument is simply ludicrous. First of all, being gay isn’t a disease to be cured any more than being Protestant is a disease.

    And a “cure” for “sodomy and oral sex” is nonsensical. Having sex is an activity, not a condition. You might as well argue about discovering a cure for dancing.

  13. Archpundit & Narc:

    Michael Glatze who is a recovered homosexual has talked about the harms of homo&lesbian activities. With lesbian activities, you don’t have to be an expert to understand that putting fingers or tongue deep into a woman’s vagina can tear blood vessels & having a woman’s hairs in the mouth is bad for it. Lesbians have higher incidence of BV & cervical cancer-caused by their sexual activities. Sodomy involves contact with blood. Most straights contrary to Archpundits reruns don’t engage in the same activities as H&L do & simply limit their sexual activities to normal sex-penis entering vagina.

    Narc, you keep saying the word gay-when as noted, it’s homosexual activities which are medically bad . As far as Michael Glatze, even if his sexual orientation didn’t change, if he permanently quits homo activities & becomes a lifelong celibate or engages in only straight normal sex, then it’s a success. Dr. Robert Spitzer in 2001 said that in a small # of cases, H&L have been able to change orientation after a long journey. Perhaps Michael Glatze finally changed his orientation after a long journey, but it’s about ending H&L activities. Predictably people will talk about relapses, but there are also relapses for other harmful activities such as smoking, but we do what we can to help people quit smoking.

    Michael Glatze said that after years of thinking about it, he concluded that H&L activities are what is harmful & what he thinks is sad is the blind faith which apologists for H&L activities make. Michael Glatze used to be an apologist for H&L activities, but has come to the conclusion that those sexual behaviors are medically bad. I realize that apologists for H&L activities hate what Michael Glatze says. He angers them because he talks about the harms caused by H&L activities which the press only covers occassionally.

    I know you’ll say that it’s telling other people how to live their sex lives, but it is for the better.

  14. ===ervical cancer-caused by their sexual activities.

    False as has been pointed out already. Lesbians have higher rates of death from cervical cancer because they seek health care less often. Their rates of HPV are lower.

    How is Michael Glatze relevant to a medical debate?

    He’s a writer not a doctor. Again, you don’t’ seem to have any rational way of arguing your points, but throw out names that are not experts.

  15. First of all, “homosexual activities” are not “medically bad.” You can have all the “H&L” sex you want with a healthy partner with zero risk to you.

    I don’t know about Glatze specifically, but most ex-gays seem to be basically self-loathing fundamentalist Christians. They have a conflict of interest in truthfully reporting changes in their orientation. Remember John Paulk?

    I know you’ll say that it’s telling other people how to live their sex lives, but it is for the better.

    Oh, well how inconsiderate of everyone else not to live their lives according to what you think as best.

    To continue on what AP said above, remember the only reason cervical cancer is no longer one of the main causes of death in women is that, if caught early pre-cancerous lesions can be treated. If you don’t get that early treatment (say, because you avoid your doctor because he is a moralizing busybody and likes to lecture you on “H&L sex”) you are more susceptible to the cancer.

  16. I won’t waste time debating the fact that H&L activities are medically harmful just as I won’t waste time debating that tobacco use is harmful. Promiscuity only incr. the already existing harms-sodomy & oral sex which involve contact with blood, hairs & even women’s scat (if it’s man performing sodomy on a woman) carries risks. Homos have higher rates of dying from certain cancers. Lesbians have higher rates of cervical cancer, but all the reasons aren’t quite known. New research has shown that lesbians have = or higher rates of HPV & VD, thus contradicting the earlier beliefs that it’s lower. It’s also noteworthy that people who engage in H&L activities have higher incidence of depression & drug use & to say it’s because of society’s intolerance is insufficient, because even in tolerant societies, the #s are not that much different.

    Yes, Michael Glatze has become a Christian. But he says that the reason he quit homo activities is because he saw 1st hand the harms that H&L suffer-both medical & emotional. He asked himself-what is it about homo & lesbian sexual activities that so many use blind faith to defend, including himself? He blindly defended H&L activities for years, but he had an epiphany. He is right in arguing that homos & lesbians really need to quit their sexual behaviors.

    Obviously those who see nothing wrong with H&L activities like Archpundit & Narc will hate what Michael Glatze says. Michael Glatze has indicated that he regularly gets angry correspondence from H&L. What Michael Glatze says is credible because he is a recovered homosexual. He knows 1st hand the harms of homo activities (recovered lesbians can tell the harm of lesbian activities).

    Michael Glatze once worked on behalf of Matthew Shepard foundation as late as 2005. Since Michael Glatze once blindly defended H&L activities, he used to say what Narc & Archpundit say on this message boards. The fact remains that Michael Glatze came to realize the harms of H&L activities because he seriously thought of this. He believes it’s best to prevent H&L activities or help people quit if they’ve started.

  17. It must also be noted that even lesbian TV commentator Tammy Bruce of FOX News has been critical of homosexual groups like GLSEN & she has even defended the right of the Boy Scouts to not accept people who engage in H&L activities.

    Tammy Bruce believes that H&L should keep their sex lives in the bedroom & should not force others to hear 1 sided views that H&L activities are OK.

  18. ===I won’t waste time debating the fact that H&L activities are medically harmful just as I won’t waste time debating that tobacco use is harmful.

    One is demonstrated by science, the other is not. So if you don’t want to waste time debating, it’s questionably as to why.

    ===. New research has shown that lesbians have = or higher rates of HPV & VD, thus contradicting the earlier beliefs that it’s lower.

    Cite the research. Or drop the claim

  19. You are not actually responding to anything that is said besides asserting you are correct.

    And what relevance are the Boy Scouts?

  20. Not to continue endlessly, but here’s a contradiction. Archpundit talked about lesbians having higher cervical cancer rates, but lower HPV (Pappiloma virus) rates. The main cause of cervical cancer is HPV (Pappiloma virus). There are many types of Pappiloma Viruses. Certain Venereal Disease (VD) have preceded cervical cancer. While there are other causes of cervical cancer, given the fact that HPV is the main cause(s), it can be concluded that lesbians have higher incidence of Pappiloma (HPV) & VD.

    Yes Michael Glatze credits Christianity for becoming a recovered homosexual, but spiritual peace is beneficial. Nikki Sixx, formerly of Motley Crue who had drug problems when he was with the band, has credited spiritual faith with helping him, though he isn’t a born again Christian. Recovered alcoholics will often thank faith for helping them to stop being drunkards or drunks. There is nothing wrong with turning to religion if it gives you spiritual peace of mind & helps you to overcome inner demons & defeat harmful behaviors.

    Michael Glatze for years (1998-2005)edited & was the cofounder of a gay magazine called YGA. He says that after having an epiphany after seriously thinking about it, he quit homo activities & he regrets the years he used blind faith to defend H&L activities as the editor of YGA. He now says that homosexuality is lust & he has decried those who attack reparative therapy. Dr. Robert Spitzer as noted used to believe that h&l could only change behavior & not orientation, but after interviewing recovered homosexuals for 2 years, concluded in 2001 that some homosexuals can change orientation.

    Perhaps r.t. has advanced, given that science in 2001 is more advanced than it was in 1973. Dr. Spitzer has said that reparative therapy must be available for those who want to quit h&l & he says that for psychologists to not offer it is hubris or arrogance by experts who think that they know the answers on a topic which they are aware so little is known. Michael Glatze seriously thought about this & concluded homosexuality is harmful, which is why he changed. Many H&L have not been interested in having a dialogue with Michael Glatze, but rerun the same things we’ve heard so many times already.

  21. ===on. Archpundit talked about lesbians having higher cervical cancer rates, but lower HPV (Pappiloma virus) rates.

    No, they die from cervical cancer at higher rates than others. It’s not hard to understand except for the willfully ignorant as yourself. Cite your claims from now on–your continued assertions with no evidence are tiresome.

  22. …concluded that lesbians have higher incidence of Pappiloma (HPV)…

    Roughly 80% of women contract HPV at some point in their lives. It would be hard for lesbians to have a significantly higher incidence than that.

    The reason cervical cancer is no longer one of the leading causes of death for women is that it can be caught early and treated before it becomes full-fledged cancer. In the third-world it is still often one of the top five cancers and causes of death.

    You can shout “harmful behavior” as much as you want, but that’s not going to make it true. Yes there are some STD that are sadly more common among gay men. But saying that that makes gay sex somehow more inherently harmful is like saying the fact that women still die in childbirth means straight sex is harmful.

  23. Narc:

    Once again the right word is VENEREAL DISEASE (VD). Some of the new words that they put in the vocabulary are crap & I like the word VD better. The plural for VD is VD, so it’s easier to say. Michael Glatze could say more about the harms of lesbian activities & he used to say the same blind faith that you’ve said about H&L. OK, you called him a self-loathing Christian. But you can find many others who say that religion saved them from destruction. Boxer Mohammed Ali credits Islam for helping him, after he changed his name from Cassius Clay to Ali & daredevil Evel Knievel says that his life has become better after he became a born again Christian on Rev. Robert Schueller’s show.

    But since this is about Michael Glatze, the fact remains that Michael Glatze’s information as a recovered homosexual is 1st hand knowledge. He has seen the harms caused by H&L + the added problems of drugs, depression & suicides. For years, he would blame it on homphobia, but he has come to realize that societal’s attitudes towards homosexuality don’t have that much impact. H&L have more money, because people who don’t have kids are usu. wealthier. But even with this, they have problems.

    People often rehash that lesbians higher rates of death from Cervical Cancer is because of medical profession bias, but this is rubbish. There’s so much about cervical cancer which is unknown. The news that I found on VD rates being higher among lesbians than previously believed is what I found on the Internet.

    Michael Glatze is saying what he knows to be true regarding the harms of H&L. Homos & lesbian groups hate what he says because he exposes the blind faith that he was perpetuating for years & which you seek to push. Hearing H&L decry Michael Glatze for pointing the harms of H&L is synonymous to hearing narc addicts (NARC:)bash recovered junkies.

  24. Of course you like the term VD better. It makes you feel morally superior, and that’s why you use it. It’s less accurate than the terms in use today. We no longer call tuberculosis “consumption”, syphilis the “French disease”, or African Americans “colored people.”

    That lesbians receive less health care than straight women is undeniable. The drastic reduction in cervical cancer deaths in the past few decades is entirely due to the ability to catch it in the pre-cancerous stage or before it has become invasive. Fewer Pap smears = more cervical cancer deaths.

    “Routine Pap smear screening is probably performed less frequently among many lesbians than national guidelines suggest. Despite high levels of education and income, women with no prior sex with men were less likely to have ever received a pelvic examination, received their first Pap smear at an older age, and had less frequent Pap smears than women who had prior sex with men.”
    — J Thierry et al. “Barriers to Infectious Disease Prevention among Women”

    “Lesbians are now more comfortable “coming out” to providers but continue to have lower screening rates than other women. Risk is especially high in this population for cancer, heart disease, depression, and alcohol abuse.”
    –S. Roberts “Health Care Recommendations for Lesbian Women” Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing

    “…many lesbians undergo routine Pap smear screening less frequently than national guidelines advise.”
    –J. Marrazzo “Barriers to Infectious Disease Care among Lesbians”

    You can rant as much as you want about the dangers of “H&L” sex, but that doesn’t make it true. One thing the ex-gay groups never mention about Michael Glatze is that he’s Mormon. Not surprisingly, Mormons take an ill view of gays. So Glatze has an incentive to mis-report his own orientation. The reason Glazte is so prevalent among the ex-gay press right now is that their previous poster boys gave up trying to deny their sexuality or got caught trying to live a double life.

    One thing you will never see is these ex-gay groups giving statistics about how many ex-gays there are or their “success” rates.

    The fact is that none of the things you cite as dangers of “H&L”, like promiscuity and drug use, have anything to do with being gay, per se. Oh, and by the way, the common impression that gays and lesbians have higher incomes because they have no kids is likely an urban legend and is driven by the misuse of advertising statistics. (

    African American women are twenty-three times more likely than white women to be HIV positive. Yet you don’t complain about the dangers of “B&W” sex. African Americans make up half of all the HIV cases in the US. But I don’t see anyone calling for the banning of interracial marriages, even those they must be high-risk. I wonder why?

  25. Missionary dude, since you’re obviously not a typical straight dude, i really don’t see your basis for concluding that most hetero couples only have sex your boring way.

    i have lots of straight friends, and they have crazy fun sex, from what i hear.

    oh, and you surely do mention “scat” a lot, my good sir.

    good god, um, why?

    unless you’re talking about screwing with Ella Fitzgerald playing in the background, in which case, i’ve had my share of scat in the bedroom.


    oh, and Narc, Glatze is totally popular right now because he hasn’t started fucking men again.


    that we know of.

    they all do. i went through a phase where i only dated ex-gay men. not by choice. i think a bunch of them just “graduated” at the same time or something.

    (i live in the wonderful land of “Love In Action.”)

  26. Actually, they still use the word consumption in addition to T.B. It’s predictable you raised failures. People who try to quit drugs or smoking sometimes have relapses, but most don’t critique tobacco cessation programs because of failures. The fact that some homos & lesbians relapse is not surprising, but that doesn’t change the fact that we must help people quit H&L or prevent it.

    NARC maybe a lesbian which may explain her blind faith, where she said there’s nothing wrong with Bacterial Vaginosis & yeast infections which are higher among lesbians. As noted, putting fingers deep into a woman’s vagina does harm it. Lesbians also are into scat & coming into contact with poo is not healthy-deadly bacteria. Lesbians need to quit lesbian sex if they want to avoid or reduce cases of BV, Yeast Infections & cervical cancer. NARC can’t rant all she wants about H&L activities being safe, but that doesn’t make it true.

    Also I’m a critic of breast & cervical cancer screening. Why? Because mammograms & Pap Smears from the X-Ray radiation can be carcinogenic though it has to be in high quantities. I once talked to a woman who said that she won’t take mammograms, because of the fear that the Mammogram radiation causing breast cancer. Pap smears carry same risks. So yes, the same instruments which are about screening breast & cervical cancers-may actually cause them due to the carcinogens. The same is true for prostate cancer screening & homos have higher incidence of prostate cancer & there has been a possible link found between men who have sex with many & prostate cancer.

    As far as Michael Glatze becoming a Mormon-so what? He credits that with helping him become a recovered homosexual. Whether or not recovered h&L sexual orientation changes, if they permanently quit H&L activities, then it is successful. While I’m not Mormon, the fact that Mormonism is against H&L activities is synonymous to Mormonism being against tobacco use & smoking. Mormons often speak other languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, etc. If Mormonism brings spiritual fulfillment to Michael Glatze’s life, then it’s for the better.

    Obviously for Michael Glatze to have realized his earlier blind faith defense of homosexuality to be wrong, he would have had to seriously think about it. Michael Glatze use to attack religious groups, rerunning that they’re bigots, but for him to do a turnaround, he had to have evaluated in order to conclude his earlier conclusions were wrong.

  27. thing that I’ve heard before. Mammograms & Pap Smears may in some cases, cause the very cancers that they screen for due to radiation, though they say it has to be in high quantities. What I know about H&L is that if they avoid H&L activities, they reduce the risks. If homosexual AIDS & VD victims had been celibate, then they wouldn’t have gotten them.

    If childbirth didn’t happen, there wouldn’t be any1 left, so the risks of childbirth are worth it. There’s nothing wrong with Michael Glatze becoming a Mormon. Michael Glatze is not seeking to censor his opponents. As I understand, he has debated other H&L about the harms of H&L activities. H&L groups don’t respect free speech when it points out the harms of H&L, which is why they seek to censor Peter LaBarbera, such as the Holiday Inn mess, where sadly, Holiday Inn cave in to what is politically safe. If H&L groups seriously care about honestly discussing homosexuality, then they will debate those who see something wrong with certain sexual behaviors, even if they dislike the message.

  28. Sorry for the 3d consec. post, but you can find this on the Internet, click CDC Reports that Annual Pap Smears May do Harm

  29. Yeah, what is it with anti-gay people and their fixation with scat? I’ve known a few gay people in my time and never met anyone that’s done it. It’s pretty clearly just the most extreme thing they can think of and they try to play it up to maximize the ick factor.

    I once talked to a woman who said that she won’t take mammograms, because of the fear that the Mammogram radiation causing breast cancer.

    Yes, people are often irrationally afraid of things, even to their own detriment. This is especially true of things that people have little understanding of and familiarity with, like radiation. No one ever said that the x-ray dose from a mammogram is harmless, but the question is whether the tradeoff between a small x-ray dose vs. an undetected cancer tumor is work the risk. I assume then she also doesn’t fly in airplanes because of the radiation dose from that?

    Pap smears carry same risks.
    Um, no they don’t. Pap smears don’t involve x-rays or radiation. Did you not even read your own citation? The CDC report you cited was looking at whether women should get Pap smears at 1, 2 or 3 year intervals. The question becomes whether indeterminate results lead to additional testing which can cause anxiety. The Pap smears themselves were harmless. Again, the study did not say that women should not get Pap smears and the CDC article did not say that Pap smears do more harm than good.

    ArchPundit has asked you to start backing up your wild statements with some facts. You continue to refuse saying that you basically read somewhere on the internet that gay men are more susceptible to prostate cancer. I can’t find anything to back that up, except for the possibility that gay men receive less health care and are less likely to catch the disease in the early stages.

    None of the dire consequences that missionaryway has suggested come from “H&L” sex have anything to do with sex. They usually have to do with a higher incidence of STDs in the gay population. But again, this has nothing to do with gay sex, just the presence of an infection.

    Jews have higher incidences of certain diseases and forms of cancer. Heck, one of the big reasons we even discovered AIDS was because non-Jews were coming down with Kaposi’s sarcoma. So why not call for Jews to be celibate, too?

  30. ONce again, VD is the easier & right word-fewer letters. The newer words have too many letters & are menial & crappy. VD is easier to understand. You can find lesbian scat sites on the Internet.

    While it’s unknown if sodomy causes prostate cancer, sodomy has been shown to cause piles, bleeding & an incr. risk of anal cancer. 1 need not be an expert to understand that contact with blood, which happens in sodomy is risky. Promiscuity only incr. risks, but sodomy carries harms in & of itself. With lesbianism, it has been proven that lesbians fingering eachother deep cut vaginal lining-nails cut it & when nails cut vaginal blood vessels, bleeding happens. With oral sex, getting hairs in the mouth carries medical risks. Of course, if a man & a woman engage in the same activities H&L do-sodomy & oral sex, they’ll face the same risks.

    Charlene Cothran is a recovered lesbian who used to edit a magazine blindly defending H&L activities as Michael Glatze did. Everything NARC has written, they used to say, but they say that they now have understood that H&L activities are harmful & that it must be prevented. They used to give the easy answer of screening as NARC has done. Lesbians have higher incidence of obesity, in addition to higher cases of drug use.

    What Charlene Cothran & Michael Glatze say as recovered H&L is more credible than what apologists like NARC say, because they as noted used to say the same things for years, but after thinking about it for a long time & researching the harms of H&L activities, they have come to understand the harms of it. The fact that Charlene Cothran & Michael Glatze changed their views 100% on H&L from pro-h&L to now writing about the harms of H&L proves that they finally came to understand the harms. H&L groups have ulterior motives, which is why they hate what Charlene Cothran & MIchael Glatze say.

  31. why are you searching for gay/lesbian porn sites on the internet?

    oh wait. got it. took me a second. same reason Peter does.



    if you’d ever looked at straight porn in your life, you’d probably know that you can find crazy weird straight sites, as well.

    what Charlene’n’Michael do is their own business.

    maybe they can get married like John Paulk and that ghastly beast he was on the cover of Time with.

    and then Michael can get caught with his pants down. like John Paulk did.

    actual science does suggest these days that women have a bit more leeway with sexuality than we previously understood, which explains why many women consider themselves bisexual, and why many otherwise straight women find themselves attracted to women at some point in their lives. whatever. to each her own.

    of course, Charlene’s been brainwashed by the BS of right-wing christians. you can also factor in the HORRIBLE homophobia in the African-American community.

    so, whatever. like i said, i really don’t care.

    we should set up some sort of contest, we gays (you know, at our monthly meeting)…you know, whichever guy is the first to sleep with Michael Glatze post-self-hating-craziness wins like, i dunno, dinner for two at Chili’s or something.

  32. Evan,

    I’ve never understood why they show lesbian scenes in porn movies. Why do they show it in Penthouse magazine? Since you asked why I visited porn sites- I like looking @ naked women & they show lesbian scat scenes. Given that most women who star in porn movies engage in lesbian sex, it proves that lesbians (behaviorally speaking) are into porn & scat. I’ve already stated that my views of lesbianism have changed & I think now that the only acceptable sexual activity is straight orthodox or missionary activity-penis entering vagina. You keep discussing orientation/attraction when as noted, it’s about ending H&L activities regardless of attraction change. When we talk about ending drunkard behavior, we mean ending the behavior, even if the alcoholics attractions don’t change.

    As far as Charlene Cothran being brainwashed. Of course H&L apologists like you will say such things. You keep saying Christianity, as though that’s the sole reason she changed. OK, Christianity plays a large part, but there are other factors too. Charlene Cothran resarched the harms of H&L activities, which were noted earlier. By carefully evaluating these things, she came to the decision that such behaviors are harmful. She did not have an epiphany overnight & neither did Michael Glatze. She certainly uses Christianity to justify her thinking, but Christianity is just part of it.

    You rehashed religion as though it’s a bad thing, when as noted, junkies & alcoholics (drunkards) credit religion for helping them & they believe that if it hadn’t been for Judeo-Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or Hinduism (though there are far fewer Hindus & Buddhists in America) they would be dead or in jail. OK, psychologists & Drs. can have pro-religious biases, but if they come up with cures or beneficial treatments, then so what ? Atheists will sometimes turn to religious psychologists & hosptials for help if they believe they’ll get better help. Some of the best hospitals & schools are the Catholic hospitals & schools.

    As to Michael Glatze, though I’m not a reparative therapist, it can be concluded that r.t. in 2007 is certainly going to be more advanced than it was in 1967. The main reason that Dr. Spitzer concluded in 2001 that he now believes some H&L can change their orientation because reparative therapy has advanced. Perhaps the reparative therapists who treated Michael Glatze have discovered something new which was previously unknown. Dr. Spitzer did say that the # was small & that it was after a long journey, but that change is possible for motivated individuals.

    But it’s apparent that continuing this discussion won’t raise anything new. Charlene Cothran knows what you’ll say, because she used to say the same things & has thought about the things you’ve said. H&L activities,GID (which is worse than H&L), sodomy & oral sex are not virtues. They don’t cause procreation.

  33. Not to continue, but Evan-I visited STRAIGHT porn sites-so they call it-but the have lesbian scenes. Straight porn sites should be called lesbian sites, because they have lesbian sex. I hope this clarifies. Also most women don’t engage in lesbian sex, though the # has gone up, which may explain why Bacterial Vaginosis & cervical cancer have gone up among women-lesbian sexual activities.

  34. MW…

    do you not understand that porn actresses are not actually lesbians?

    i thought…everybody…understood that. they perform those scenes because straight men, as a general rule, get off on watching women have sex with each other. so therefore, the fact that you’ve found woman having sex with each other in straight porn, and that you’ve found elements of really weird fetish-y stuff in said STRAIGHT PORN, marketed to the STRAIGHT MALE COMMUNITY, you have not proven anything, except that there’s all kinds of crazy porn out there. and no, the lesbian scenes in straight porn shouldn’t be repackaged as “lesbian porn,” because, again, those aren’t lesbians; they’re porn actresses going down on each other because straight men like it.

    you’d agree, i assume, that straight pornography isn’t exactly an accurate representation, by and large, of the straight community’s collective sexual practices?

    i win.

    most people who (temporarily) run back into the closet do it based on shame that’s been hammered into them by religion. i’ve known these people personally. one-hundred percent of the people i’ve known who have been involved in these kinds of “reparative therapies” and whatnot, have been sucked in by religious fanaticism.

    as to religion, i’m not anti-religion. i’m against people using religion for their own ideological purposes in order to influence others’ lives. when you refer to “beneficial treatments,” it’s helpful to remember that virtually all medical, psychiatric, and psychological organizations condemn “reparative therapies” as harmful and bad medicine. as to doctors, it’s great that Catholics support good medicine. so do Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, and whoever else. but the fact is that the physicians working in those institutions do not necessarily hold the beliefs of the religion posted on the side of the building. holy hell, most of the medical experiences i’ve had have been in “Baptist” hospitals. imagine if Baptists were actually overseeing the medical procedures! no, we’ll leave that to the doctors, regardless of their religious persuasions. medicine is based on science, not religion. (unless you’re a christian scientist.) so…what’s the point you were trying to make, exactly?

    i see, though, that you’ve mentioned that since oral/anal sex don’t result in procreation, that they’re necessarily bad.

    ew. that’s so anti-common sense it’s nuts. if sex was merely for procreation, it wouldn’t feel so good. 🙂

    and here’s a little opinion of mine i’m sure you’ll find mighty nasty: i think once a heterosexual couple has had one biological child, you know, gotten that out of their system, that they’re merely being selfish by creating more while millions of children around the world are unwanted and starving. and by the way, there are lots of couples, straight AND gay, who have no desire to have children. are you honestly saying that they shouldn’t have sex? personally, i have no desire to have children. due to the fact that i’m gay, there can be no accidents, so thank God for that. but, if i and my future husband, whoever he may be, were to suddenly want children one day, we would be one of the couples lining up to take on children that “nobody else wants.” that’s God’s work, my friend.

  35. the fact that you’ve found woman having sex with each other in straight porn, and that you’ve found elements of really weird fetish-y stuff in said STRAIGHT PORN, marketed to the STRAIGHT MALE COMMUNITY, you have not proven anything..

    Actually, he has. He’s proven that straight men are really into scat.

  36. Evan thought alot about what he wrote, but to address his points.

    If a woman has sex with another woman, then yes, she is a lesbian BEHAVIORALLY speaking. I don’t use the orientation definition, but behavior definition-men fully knowing & willfullly having sex with men & women fully knowing & willfully having sex with women. But porn actresses themselves have said that many get more pleasure having sex with women than men. So yes, given the fact that porn actresses are fully knowing & willfully having sex with other women, they are lesbians, even if that is not their true orientation. If anything, porn actresses are more lesbian than straight. Nina Hartly a porn actress has called herself a heterosexual dyke & she says she likes having sex with women more than men. If a man rapes women, we define him as a rapist by his behavior, even if he doesn’t have the orientation to be a rapist.

    As to r.t., the AMA (American Medical Association) & APA, they pander to what is politically safe. The AMA is bad because among other things, the AMA is against boxing & I’m pro-boxing. Yes, boxing carries risks which boxers already know & if 2 people have the guts to get in the ring & fight, then let them do so. The AMA in the sponsored the Tuskegee experiment in the 1930s & 40s, where Black men who suffered from syphilis were lied to & told that they would be cured when all that happened was observation on how VD harms black people. The AMA also is against compensating victims of medical negligence. Now while some changes are needed to the tort system, the AMA are arrogant turds as they are against compensating victims. Each tort case has to be judged by its own facts. The AMA is an arrogation association of Drs. who think they know the answers.

    But as this is about reparative therapy, it must be noted that @ 1 time, r.t. was the norm, but esp. since the Simon LeVay report of 1991-92, psychologists have abandoned r.t. But as noted, r.t. for other maladies such as drugs have high recidivism rates. The egs. that Evan gave can also be found amongst junkies who have been unable to quit drugs, because they weren’t helped by r.t., but we don’t abandon r.t. to treat drugs because many try & fail. Though autism has no known cure, we use r.t. that is available to treat it & when newer science comes which can better treat or cure autism, then we use that. Also it’s not just religious groups as you imply.

    Dr. Spitzer has said that while homo&lesbians shouldn’t be forced into r.t. as homosexuality was removed from the DSM in 1973, he believes that it must be an option if they want to go straight. Even Simon LeVay said in 2001 that while he dimly views reparative therapy to treat homosexuality, if H&L want r.t. to go straight, then it must be available. Incidentally, using animal sexual behavior such as that of Bonobos as a guide to peopl is a bad idea. Bonobos also fart while dining & even throw turds @ eachother. Crocodiles & rodents sometimes eat their young. The fact that homosexuality & cannibalism is found amongst animals does not change the fact that it’s bad for people.

    Yes, reparative therapists have to find treatments or cure for homosexuality which are more convincing than the Dr. Spitzer 2001 report. If you see nothing wrong with homo&lesbian activities, then you’re going to hate what r.t. do. But as noted, if r.t. can discover the 100% cures for h&L & GID, then they have succeeded & the discussions will again change. The world will be a better place with straight normal sex only.

  37. The AMA did not sponsor the Tuskeegee Experiment. That was run by the U.S. Public Health Service, part of the US government.

    Your entire argument against gays and lesbians is that “H&L” sex is risky. But you also say that boxers should be allowed to willingly participate in risky behavior: “…if 2 people have the guts to get in the ring & fight, then let them do so.” In other words, risky masculine activities are acceptable, gay sex is not.

    It’s pretty clear that your goal here is not harm reduction, but the enforcement of what you consider appropriate gender roles.

  38. NARC, ALL sports carry medical risks. If you’re a track runner, you’ll usu. get arthritis later in life. Gymnasts often get arthritis in knees & arms, because gymnastics also take a toll on the body. Bicyclists also will suffer from knee problems. Racecar drivers & esp. those who work in pit crews often suffer from respiratory problems later in life from breating all those emissions. Every1 who participates in sports are required to understand this & that’s why most boxers & football players who have guts retire when they’re in their early to mid 30s. Though it taxes the body, they’re physically strong. Bodybuilders are physically very strong, though weightlifting takes a toll on the body.

    Yes NARC, my agenda is limited to limiting sexual activities to straight normal sex only & my agenda is limited to abolishing sex change maimings.

    While the govt. sponsored the Tuskegee Experiment, it was AMA Drs. who participated in it & the American Medical Association’s an apologist for this. The American Medical Association is evil. They don’t want victims of medical negligence to be compensated. For eg. if a Dr. deliberately injects his patients with the AIDS virus, the AMA believes that there should be limits on how much the Dr. should pay in punitive damages. This is bad. Punitive damages are about punishment & are about punishing deliberate & wanton behavior. The more serious the conduct, the more the damages must be. OK, perhaps punitive damages should go to the state, while compensatory damages must go to the Plaintiffs, but the AMA believes that Drs. must not be held accountable when they harm people. Incidentally, many of the AMA Drs. are fat pigs. The AMA is a lobbyist group for & the AMA arrogantly thinks that because they’re Drs. they know the answers when it comes to medicine.

    There are patients who won’t listen to their Drs. if they think their Dr. is arrogant. I’ve found that Drs. often give insufficient information such as on weight loss. A common mistake many Drs. make is to advise overweight people to simply diet & walk alot. Walking for obese people is insufficient exercise. If some1 who is significantly overweight wants to lose weight, then you have to exercise aggressively-work in the gym both the upper & lower bodies, lift weights. Now Drs. almost always sincerely want to help their patients & they do their best. Drs. are intelligent, but like every1 else they’re only human & make mistakes.

  39. Finally, Boxers are physically much stronger than the arrogant AMA Drs. A boxer can break every bone in the body of an AMA Dr. Boxers must be commended for their courage & their willingness to get in the ring & fight.

    The AMA as noted are madeup of a bunch of fat people. Apparently though the AMA Drs. went through years of medical school, many are fat.

  40. You’re right. Every unethical action of any doctor anywhere can be laid at the feet of the AMA.

    Yes NARC, my agenda is limited to limiting sexual activities to straight normal sex only & my agenda is limited to abolishing sex change maimings.

    Yes, and therefore you’re a hypocrite.

    If some1 who is significantly overweight wants to lose weight, then you have to exercise aggressively-work in the gym both the upper & lower bodies, lift weights.

    And now you’re showing your ignorance on medical matters too. Weightlifting isn’t a particularly good way to lose weight. It’s a good way to build muscle, which is anaerobic. To lose fat tissue you need to burn energy, which is best done with aerobic exercise.

    The AMA as noted are madeup of a bunch of fat people. Apparently though the AMA Drs. went through years of medical school, many are fat.

    I’m not sure what an AMA doctor is and how they are different from a non-AMA doctor. A friend of mine, one of those “AMA doctors” ran 14 miles of a marathon on a broken foot. Until you can do that, you don’t get to whine about how weak they are.

    I’m finished with this thread, by the way. You’re not willing to enter in a debate or discussion, just consistently repeating, sans evidence, your moral superiority. You’re constantly changing your argument and refuse to respond to anyone else’s points.

  41. There are many fat Drs. & on TV, I’ve seen AMA Drs. who are fat. I’m not talking about all Drs., I’m talking about the American Medical Association. The American Medical Association on it’s own website say that they’re against compensating victims of medical negligence. They use euphemisms such as stopping frivolous lawsuits, when in reality they don’t want victims compensated, which is why they push for things such as limits on how much some1 can collect if they’re injured.

    Now I’m no fan of lawyers-many of them are arrogant & I support some changes to the tort system. Lawyers can be greedy. But I’m against the 1 sided changes that the AMA wants which is protecting victims of medical negligence. There are AMA Drs. who have had sex with their patients. Are you saying that if an AMA Dr. rapes a patient, that he shouldn’t go to jail? People must fight the AMA & tell the AMerican Medical Assoc. for what they are-a bunch of arrogant turds. I wouldn’t be surprised if the AMA friend who ran the 14 mile marathon with a broken foot opposes compensating victims of medical negligence.

    When I talked about weight loss, I mean upper & lower body-BOTH aerobic & anaerobic. Anything which burns alot of calories. Weightlifting while it builds muscle tissue can be a good way to lose weight, because it involes burning many calories. Anything which burns calories loses weight.

    Finally, AMA Drs. also fart & poo. Your AMA Dr. friend also goes to the toilet, farts & does turds. But the American Medical Assoc. are a bunch of turds & people must stand up to them & ignore what the AMA says.

  42. Finally, I’m not a hypocrite. Being against sex change maimings is synonymous to being against bestiality & the American Medical Association is an apologist for this. Believing that straight normal sex is the only right sexual behavior is synonymous to being against tobacco use. Being against the American Medical Association is synonymous to being against bestiality.

  43. Archpundit, if you’re reading then I believe that @ this point, it’s best to close this topic for any further comments because we are doing reruns not raising any new ideas. You know what I think & almost everything that others have posted such as NARC & Evan are things that I’ve heard before & already addressed. Please close this topic once & for all.

  44. Yes Evan, I have nothing new to add to this topic, which is why we’re now discussing things unrelated to what this thread’s supposed to be about. This is typical. After 1 has read & written the same thing so many times, what more can be said other than repeating the same things or discussing unrelated topics? I think the Moderator must close or even delete this thread once & for all & is the Moderator Archpundit even reading these posts?

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