The Chinese Eat Babies!

It’s not a new claim

But that doesn’t stop Jill Stanek from pushing the most recent urban legend.

The article she links to is a summary of an article by The Next Magazine in Epoch Times.    Of course, Epoch Times has a colorful history claiming 100,000 people in modern day concentration camps and live organ harvesting.  The Next Magazine is something like a little more credible than Weekly World News, less trustworthy than National Enquirer.

Thinking about it, it’s only appropriate that Stanek and Illinois Review would cite it as a reasonable source.

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10 thoughts on “The Chinese Eat Babies!

  1. Do you people seriously believe that rumor?
    -.- & There’s no way the chinese government allows cannibalism because if they did, they wouldn’t have gone through all those inspections after they heard about restaurants serving infants.
    & in my opinion, even though I don’t eat dogs (can’t imagine), I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Dog is an animal and we all (unless you’re a vegetarian, good for you ^^) eat animals, there really is no difference. -.-

  2. Baby Pizza:


    1 freshly killed baby, preferably Italian
    Cheese grater
    Pizza pan

    Preheat oven to 400. Take the baby and cut it’s limbs off, then let the blood drain into a bowl. While draining the blood spread the dough into the pizza pan so you can put on the soon tasty works of baby onto it. Take the blood and spread it onto the dough for a nice coat of sauce, if you like extra blood, like I do, put as much as you want. Put any extra blood into a wine glass for a good beverage will you dine. Now take the limbs and cheese grater and grate the skin onto the sauce. Try to cover the whole pan with it. An uneven mix of flesh, blood, and dough won’t be good. Depending on any other topics you like I enjoy to cut up the intestines in thin layers to make baby pepperoni. Now for the final touch, squeeze all the eye juice you can out of them on top of the pizza. Put in oven for 10-15 minutes. Enjoy

    Ramjohn: They just wont think about whats happening they really cook baby wheres their conscience do they have God!!??

  3. If Chinese people will get addicted of eating babies, they will kidnap other people’s babies! I think people in China only have sex so they can cook and eat their babies. That’s what I believe in. =) and I think it’s wrong to eat babies because I follow the Ten Commandments.

  4. I don’t believe it…no one would eat a baby even it is dead…

  5. There is nothing in any ten of us about eating babies!

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