Keyes’ Company: The Stupid Pool

It’s really hard to choose between all of the morons

David Smith, executive director of the Illinois Family Institute, disagreed.

“I don’t think it’s going to fly. I think the people of Illinois made it clear during the petition drive,” Smith said.

The Illinois Family Institute spearheaded an effort last year to place a referendum on the November ballot asking voters if they wanted the state Constitution amended to ban gay marriage. Although well over 300,000 signatures were gathered, state elections officials determined that not enough of them were valid to allow the measure on the ballot.

A poll last summer showed that 40 percent of Illinoisans supported the proposed constitutional amendment. The same poll indicated 51 percent were opposed to gay marriages.

“There’s enough interest in not having marriage devolve into something other than one man and one woman,” Smith said. “I don’t think there is that much interest in the gay community for marriage. They don’t want to be like everyone else.”

I’m glad David is so in touch with the GLBT community.

3 thoughts on “Keyes’ Company: The Stupid Pool

  1. Yeah. There’s so little interest in the GLBT community in the ability to get the tax advantages of Married Filing Jointly that the anti-gays have to ban gay marriage, and ban it Right Away or else the Country Will Fall.

    Sure thing, conservatives. Keep telling yourselves that.

    No wonder they’re such pigeons for con artists.

  2. Did David Smith poll the “gay community” while he was trolling gay bars, or does Peter LaBarbara still handle that task?

  3. “I’m glad David is so in touch with the GLBT community.”

    Actually ArchPundit, they’ve been in touch with me. I base this statement on my many conversations (email, phone and in person) I’ve had with GLBT people who have contacted me.

    Look at the Cook County Domestic Partnership registry (for homosexual couples). Why is it that in the 3 years of existence not even 1000 gay couples have registered?

    Is there really GLBT interest in getting official recognition of their relationship(s)?

    Dave Smith
    Illinois Family Institute

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