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As many of you know Atrios, Markos, and The General all redid their blogrolls and I was eliminated from all three. I kind of expected it and I’m fine with it-Markos says it best with the following:

To me, that’s a slap in the face of every new blog that was added. Rather than celebrate the fact that a whole new generation of blogs gets a little recognition, some (and that doesn’t include most bloggers pulled from the blogroll) apparently had a bizarre sense of entitlement. Everything in a blog is in constant motion. Nothing is static. That’s the beauty of the medium. And now the blogroll will reflect that spirit — constantly evolving as the blogosphere itself changes.

It’s a good thing when blogrolls change–there will be some great new sites to discover.

5 thoughts on “Blogrolls and Stuff

  1. Makes you wonder tho how long it will take for all the “little” guys to wake up and revamp their blogroll and decide those three should be replaced by new, exciting, blogs. 🙂

    It’s a two way street. More should realize that.

  2. Well, I’m glad you’re in my rss reader already. I look out for your new posts every day!

  3. You’ll always have a spot on mine Arch, along with the visitor it sends you annually.

    This couldn’t possibly be publicity stunt, could it, designed to whip up interest in their blogrolls for when they add people back on?

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