Interesting FEC case

Via Cal

The FEC ruled against an Illinois Republican Party complaint against the 10th District Blog which claimed it was like the 17th District’s Victory Fund in which campaign operatives funded hard money activities for Lane Evans out of soft money funds.

The difference being a blog is simply a website and the funds went directly from donors to ActBlue to the fund. The web site simply provided a link as to where the funds should go. It’s a really silly complaint and I’m surprised IRP went after them and not others such as AM or me.

It’s pretty simple how this is covered. If the blog owner were taking money and then sending it on directly, the owner would have to register as a committee. If the blog owner was paid by a campaign, that would have be disclosed. Simply posting a suggestion and link to donate money isn’t operating a political committee. Offline this would be like someone who calls around to friends to encourage them to donate to a campaign having to register as a committee.