Unit 4: The next battle over creationism

John Bambenek has decided to run for the Unit 4 School Board.

That’s the same Bambenek who argued for the inclusion of intelligent design in the University of Illinois’ curriculum.

It’s hard to tell whether his support for intelligent design in the curriculum or his stunning dishonesty about evolutionary theory is more disqualifying.

I would imagine Narciblog, Running from the Thought Police, and It’s Matt’s World, will be covering the trainwreck in some detail.

3 thoughts on “Unit 4: The next battle over creationism

  1. “Townies” don’t usually take too well to the “kids” running for local office. Funny how it seems to usually be conservative university students (or recent alums) running for those local seats — but U of I is soooo lib’rul.

    Didn’t Chapin Rose run for a local office a while back… (before running, and winning, for State House)?

  2. Bambenek is also a well-known turd over the last decade. Bang my name for some details (I had the misfortune of witnessing his turdishness back in the good ole days).

    Not surprised he’d be dumb enough to hitch himself to the bandwagon just as the wheels fall off.

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