7 thoughts on “Illinois Review is on Top of All of the Issues that Really Matter

  1. Fran, have you thought of putting up a ‘humor’ flag on posts like these so we know when you’re pulling our legs?

  2. I find it odd that Fran now says this is just simple humor. I thought cons weren’t down with botched jokes.

    Of course, she’s only saying this now after having defended the post with a goofy ‘The NY Times brought it up’ — what on earth does the NYT have to do with anything?

    Larry, this is actually a tame post compared to most. Just check out Stanek’s or Rhoads’ many posts overrationalizing for failed conservatism. (And, add to that mix Fran’s post linking to a Wegerje post on SoapBlox Chicago criticizing Rahm “Vital Center” Emanual. She’s gotta find some sort of hope for the conservative crossroads to cling onto.)

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