5 thoughts on “IL GOP Sells Soul to Devil, Still Losing

  1. They’re not saying she is cut and run, they are saying the Dems are cut and run. I don’t think we can have it both ways. Do the Dems want to nationalize the election over Iraq? Or, do they want to localize it and let it be Tammy vs. Peter? If the answer is nationalize, then Maj. Duckworth is on their team and she should defend her team.

    She, may and probably does, have more sense than Murtha and Pelosi, but she is going to vote for them in the leadership race and they are cut and run.

    And as a veteran let me say, I am perfectlly willing to cricize any other veteran on policy whether they lost a limb, or their sanity (see John McCain).

  2. This is like saying the new IL House Dems spot isn’t race baiting and making some contortion that they are just making a point about free trade…no, they are using asians of different hues to appeal to their racism, just as the IL GOP is trying to say she’d cut and run. Which she can’t do, hence the offensiveness.

  3. I dunno, Larry. I’m not as quick on the draw to suggest race baiting…Maybe because my campaign exposure is limited… It seems to me that you would choose unflattering pictures of opponents in an ad. Isn’t that just as plausible as race baiting? Yes, no…I’d be interested in what you have to say.

    I would also suggest that cut and run is a metaphor for retreat. I highly doubt Nancy, John and company are going to literally lead the troops back over the hill and out of Iraq… so the whole cut and run and Maj. Duckworth’s war injury is a bit of a stretch. It’s hyper-politicized moral grandstanding. I find that demeaning to service and sacrifice. Army pilots are made of tougher stuff.

    I know I’m assuming, here, but I would think that Maj. Duckworth would like to be treated like everyone else. I know those with disabilities or serious illness that I’ve spent time with want to be treated like everyone else as much as possible. I’ve seen it with disabled friends and sick family members.

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  4. The whole “cut and run” line is just more rhetoric out of the Republican spin machine. Every time I hear some idiotic (and I don’t use the term lightly, make no mistake – it is idiotic) Republican make a statement suggesting Democrats like, favor, are friendly with or otherwise support terrorists or their agenda, it makes me boil with murderous rage.

    Every time some moron parrots that particular talking point, it makes me sad for this once proud democracy.

    The very idea that anyone but those Americans on the very furthest left and right margins actually have malicious intent toward the United States is not even worth comment, because it is asinine.

    Do Democrats engage in rhetoric? Of course. But for what it’s worth, the difference between “you ARE destroying our country” and “you want to destroy our country” is more than merely semantic. It’s a bad policy vs. bad intent argument. Besides, you can only stand and take a beating so long before responding in kind. Those that fail to do so, well…let’s just say turning the other cheek is a Swift Boat to election losses.

    Greg, I agree that “cut and run” and similar words are indeed hyper-politicized. But words have great power, and in a vast and deep sea of 24-hour news, internet, blogging, robo-calls(are people not sick of these yet?), etc., pithy phrases still have a masterful way of cutting through the muck and embedding themselves in voters’ conscious. The GOP has mastered this dark art, much to the detriment of the process. The Dems have not, to the detriment of their ability to get elected.

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