Stoller Calls for A Blogger Ethics Panel

To discuss me.

Only if there is free beer

For those who followed the debacle about the guy who posted a comment making fun of Tammy Duckworth being an amputee with an offensive video, check out Sirota’s comment and the follow-up. Hilarious.

UPDATE: Advertising Liberally Members Disagreeing–Zengerle is foiled again!

8 thoughts on “Stoller Calls for A Blogger Ethics Panel

  1. “Chicago Steve” says:

    “Hynes’s “machine” is the goodwill his dad built in one ward on the southwest side of Chicago.”

    I like Hynes a whole lot, but Chicago Steve doesn’t know squat about Chicago politics, now does he. Those comments are all awfully light on actual knowledge of Chicago and Illinois politics.

  2. If I remember correctly, I’m the one who introduced you to Obama’s campaign manager. Or at least I was there that night. Kinda hazy. But at least you didn’t sleep in your car.

    Did they ever buy an ad? I remember it being promised.

  3. BuckTurgidson wrote:
    “Those comments are all awfully light on actual knowledge of Chicago and Illinois politics.”

    Strike “Chicago and Illinois” and you have a good grasp of MyDD.

  4. Also, did Stoller ever hear of Dan Hynes? Hynes didn’t run a great race, but he didn’t exactly implode and was considered the early odds-on favorite. And the fact that Obama had good oppo on Blair Hull so he knew he could hold back on TV ads until the last minute (when the Hull stuff was leaked) somehow means Obama got lucky in the primary? Hardly. Stoller appears clueless to me.

  5. So Rich will have to attend the blogger ethics panel as well. And yes you did introduce us. Thanks.

    Very hazy indeed. Some funny stuff which I’ll bring up in private, but I also met Shomon that night.

    See, I don’t remember Jim promising to buy an ad, in fact, I backed off because he was acting pressured. But, yeah, I did get a call a while later and they bought an ad citing that promise. It was perhaps made in a moment that was hazy to me.

    That’s the good thing about Chicago–cabs.

  6. As I remember, I was pretty satisfied with the beer. The ad was cool too, but a fun night is better than an ad.

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