ICFST: Civil War on the Air

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand.

Remember to send your checks to Grover Norquist for his wonderful party building in Illinois. I can’t thank him enough. Turning the Republican Party into a circular firing squad couldn’t be more helpful to the Democratic Party in Illinois.

This week, pressure on Illinois’ Republican National Committeeman was turned up as ads featuring Bob Kjellander’s head munching his way through a PAC-Man maze began appearing on the internet and Illinois televisions.

The cartoon ads call the GOP national committeeman a “selfish, unethical election loser,” that pushed for a more “compliant Judy Baar-Topinka” to chair the party. The ads end by calling for Kjellander to be removed from office.

Not only are they seeking outright war at the state convention in May, they are backing at least two primary challenges to incumbents.

Give ’em some cash–it should help whomever wins the Senate Primary on the Democratic side.

Assignment Desk: Kass needs to ask the Empty Suit if he figured out who Kjellander is yet.