Rush Endorses Hull

Bobby Rush endorses Blair Hull. It would appear that Blair Hull has exploited the Steve Neal column to great benefit and Rush’s denials concerning that article.

Hull is running a smart campaign. One of the signs of a good campaign is picking up on others mistakes and in this case, pushing Rush out there too far made him vulnerable with only one candidate to support and not look like a tool of the Machine.

For the alternative view, and for a column that was described as weird to me–an analysis that captures it well–is Steve Neal’s column this morning. Really, this isn’t too surprising and should have been obvious to anyone paying attention. After Neal’s last column what could Rush do?

Back Obama? No, first it would make him look weak and two he hates Obama’s guts.

Back Washington? No, he’d look like a tool of the Machine.

Back Chico? Possibly, but Chico appears dead in the water?

Back Hynes? hahahahahaha…talk about looking like a tool of the Machine

Back Hull? Safe and it makes him look like he is his own man.

Steve Neal helped create this situation, why is he surprised at the outcome.

And just let me say, I butchered Rush’s first name previously. I don’t know how, but the next contest should be to see how I can spell Blair Hull wrong.